Investing in your desires!

When we get down to it, my friend, when we get ready to take a risk, take some bold new steps, what comes up? Fear? Confusion? Uncertainty? Lack of confidence? Lack of funds?

All those things that keep holding us back, getting in our way, telling us we are not worthy, or that we can’t make that dream come true, or it is scary to take the time and the money to invest in ourselves. Right?

Ladies, I’ve been there, more than once. For me so much about my business, and personal, growth, was lack of money. I might have had the time, and the intense desire, but not the money… to pay for the coach, or the workshops, or whatever it was that I thought would help me move forward. 

But everytime I took that leap of faith, felt like I was extending myself too much, faced the fear, but also that intense desire to finally make those changes I had been wanting. Well what happened? I wanted those changes so bad, and I knew I could make those dreams happen. I grew, I gained the insights, the support, the tools, to take the steps that would take me to that place of abundance, of not giving myself away, of not wasting time, of not staying small. Because that is not who I was, or who I am today. 

I think we all go through that at some point in our career, in our life, as we age, as we learn more of who we are. And what we truly want. It takes time, and wisdom, and guidance. And surrounding ourselves with the right people, our uplifters, our tribes, our magical circles. As we find our truth, and intensify our desires. And know that we can in fact, do the work, make the changes. Because when we learn to look at that work with different eyes, with different tools, with someone who has our back and can give us guidance and support, that work also becomes fun, and exciting, and fulfilling.

It truly is about the journey, not the end result! And why not make that journey the best that it can be, with our hearts and souls on fire, our bodies in alignment, feeling great. And doing our soul work, our purpose. And bringing in our abundance, our prosperity. I’ve seen too many women let themselves fall short, because of fear, failure, or lack of belief, or settling for something less than. 

But that is not how you really want to live, is it? I want to see you step into your creative zone of genius and make those changes. I believe in you. You, commit to yourself and your dreams. They are worth it. You are worth it!

I wake up every day full of gratitude and say this is my best day yet. And it really is. Because I have taken the time to check-in, to do the things that resonate with me and my work and my lifestyle. And it is because I have found different tribes of people, some who work for me, some who work with me, some who teach me, some whom I teach. I am not alone. And I live every day lit up!

I don’t want to do it alone, even though I am a solopreneur, which I love. I crave community and connection!  And bringing others together, that is my passion!

So if this is your time, I invite you to invest in yourself, however that looks to you. 

Step into the fear and uncertainty so you can have your dreams, and take that road of freedom and creativity! Commit to making YOU happen so you can manifest your abundance. You ARE worthy my friend. And find your people, those people, who will be by your side, support you, cry with you, encourage you, ask you  questions, inspire you!

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illumination the Mastermind,

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But whatever you do, take those first steps, and go after what you want.

Blessings to you on your path!