Hello September!

Is this a sign? 

In just the last month, I’ve talked with and helped guide several women to get moving and be acknowledged and connected, and moving toward their newest desires, all in their bodies,  their minds, and their spirit selves. Soooo good!

And that’s normal for me! 😉

It wasn’t always this way, though.

I didn’t get to this place of leadership, guide, and master coach level overnight.

It took years of training, life experience, and discipline, along with lots of intuitive guidance, and practice! Following my own Divine Guidance System combined with self-education and honoring my own sacred rebel self…

I’ve worked with women around the globe, training, teaching, listening to, and sharing with those who were searching, open and ready for change. And who were curious and ready for my processes for entrepreneurship, lifestyle creation and joy, money-making skills, female business ownership, and mostly that deeper connection for self-clarity. 

As always, it got my juices fired up, and wheels spinning, ‘cause I always want to share this work, and love to help people shine their light and live with abundance and happiness, without the aloneness I often experienced, plus the long journey on the hamsterwheel, that continuos circle without being able to get off! No one needs to have it take as long as it took for me to get to this lifestyle of my desires

I have shared a little bit of my tools and methods and beliefs with you in different formats, while working full on with my private clients and in my workshops and retreats and gatherings. 

And now I’d lpve to share my processes and support with you— in my newest women’s virtual circle!

I’m still working through what this next gathering space would look like. Illumination…

I’d love to hear from you!

Would it be helpful for you to be part of this gathering and my processes for getting clarity, connection, and feeling really good about moving forward with your new desires?  Getting rid of overwhelm, releasing the old stories and procrastination that has been holding you back?

When I put together this magical virtual circle for women, where you could focus, get support and inspiration,and take action steps that were not only fun, but totally doable, AND you could see your daily and weekly progress, with my personal guidance, for less than $1000, would you be interested?
Hit reply and let me know.

I have space for a small intimate group of women wanting to make a move, who want to live lit up and make those changes, and who want to share in the powerful connection of a weekly circle ( for 3 months) with inspirational women, so If I get ten responses, I’ll pull this fabulous gathering space together & you’re in!

With creative excitement and gratitude,


P.S. If  you are feeling alone, overwhelmed, or frustrated, unhappy with where you are headed, this might be the very gathering space you’re looking for!