Happy Friday the 3rd! Make it fun…

How are you enjoying these Friday rockin missives? Finding my recommendations fun and useful? Inspiring? You know how I love to spread the love! 

What can you do today, or this weekend, to create more fun in your life, more pleasure, to make you kick up your heels, put a huge smile on your face, and want to hug everyone you see?

Me, I’m glamping this weekend, running my Tiki Time Rally in central California, with 44 vintage trailers and folks ( our 15th year to host these rallies!) It’s so fun to dress up the trailer and myself in my vintage tiki wear, play and sing some music, run on the beach with Rosie dog, make bracelets, eat and drink, laugh and hang out… I”m not the best hanger outer, it’s sometimes hard for me to stop and relax, and what am I always asking you to do… stop and have fun!

and how important this is to do daily, weekly, monthly, having that down time, chill time, and FUN time!

Here is a fun read!

**15 Traits Of People Who Are Effortlessly Cool


“You know you’re in the presence of a cool person when you feel at ease. The reason? “Cool people are present, focused, and interested in those around them,” Romanoff says. They listen, they try to understand — and as a result, they help everyone feel seen and understood.”


***I love my Nespresso coffee machine! And no, George Clooney did not come with it!

But did you know that the company recycles all those little, used canisters and makes bicycles out of them? How awesome is that?

Just sayin!


***If you are looking to do a rebrand on yourself and your business, I highly recommend this lady…
Ashley Roda!
She redid my whole brand and image and helped set up my new-ish website…

Brand Strategist


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If you know me, you know how much I LOVE to cook! and cooking and eating with friends is one of my favorites things to do… ( vegan of course, one of my core values is Ahimsa- no harm to any living creature!) and even if you aren’t vegan, veggie foods are just so delicious and variable! and so much healthier too…

Check out the No Meat Athlete for some great recipe and health ideas!



I LOVE lentils!

Check this out…


**And… the Trevor Project…

Here’s a Crisis intervention Hotline for our LGBTQ community… spread the info and the love!


And you can actually train to be a counselor with them! Great stuff…

AND… if you have questions, you can still schedule that FREE call with me to see if this is your next power move! Here…




Make it FUN! enjoy, lovey… so glad you are here with me!

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