August 12

What’s shaking this week?

Me! It’s my birthday week…Gonna be 65… Loving my life so much…

Maybe I’ll have a bowling party!



Yep, started bowling again… trying out different lanes in the cities I’m visiting…

And my new bowling shoes I bought me for my birthday! Because pink fake patent leather… 🙂

Aren’t they the best/

Gonna rock the lanes, even though my score is pretty low 🙂 not loving my gutter balls!

Who else is bowling?


And make sure you are catching my morning love notes on instagram reels!

Here’s one from today…



It’s Crime Drama week! 

I love to read murder mysteries, but now I’m listening to these on my morning runs! 


Crime Junkies-


Stephanie Harlowe-

And if you want to watch makeup applications on Youtube, while being read to, she is great fun…

Bailey Sarian–Murder, Mystery, and Makeup!

Who are your fav authors or podcasts?


Books I’m loving this week! What are you reading?

I usually have 2-3 books going at once, some sort of self-help book, and a murder mystery or such…

I just devoured A Bad Day for Sunshine! By Darynda Jones…

I’m already onto her next one in this series…

Soooo fun… 

And the other book I’m almost done with is:

Rain of Gold by Victor Villaesnor

Good stuff, people…


Anyone seen any good movies lately?



I’ve been cooking up a storm this week, cooking 3 meals a day for my mom.. All pretty easy and standard meals for her, and she is NOT vegan! But she gets my veggie meals… vegan BLT’s, stir frys, and my fav ramen-inspired Butter Tofu bowls… so good…

 and made that vegan ceviche salad again ( hearts of palm, cucumber, mint, lime, mango, celery!) loving summer salads…

What are you cooking up?


Alrighty friends… love touching in with you every week, and sharing bits of inspiration, people, businesses, and all… We all make this world go round in a better way when we help lift each other up…


From the Body to the Page!

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Have a blessed weekend…