Hello there Friend,

I ask you today…What are you really desiring to change, and to create? Do you know? What’s next? Are you tired of feeling that overwhelm??? And not taking action?

Alright my lovey, let’s talk about this…  

I’ve been planning and talking about this, for a looooong while now… Planning the best way for me to help guide you into more of your creative beauty and power and fulfillment.

I am so excited to offer this again to you, so that you can step into that creative zone of genius and quit messing around with the small stuff!

Because you are frustrated with not making enough money, or not doing the work that brings you happiness, or not finishing up that painting series, or not losing weight… just NOT doing it…

And I am here to help you get lit up, to step into your prosperity, to live the life and lifestyle of your dreams! Yes, and so it’s time for another great round of masterminding with me, and our intimate circle of creative women, healers, movers, shakers, mothers, artists. Women who want to make a difference, in their lives, which then trickles down into the lives they touch–mates, children, clients, students, friends. 

And this is what happens in my Masterminds that I run!

Sooooo, You are invited to join us: 

Illumination the Mastermind, 

Virtually, from wherever you are in the world!

Starting next Tuesday, September 28, for 3 months

1:00 pm, PST 

What does being in a mastermind look like? What exactly happens?

It’s a safe and sacred circle where we show up, with our vulnerability, our questions, our dreams and desires, ready to share and listen and learn and go deep within, take time for ourselves as in extreme self-care, to get clarity, fine-tune, journal and meditate, make plans, detail out our Magic Action Plan as in building your MAP, and more! We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and move forward, releasing those awful old stories so we can rewrite new ones! And MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

This mastermind, should you choose to accept the invite, is for you because you are tired of that same ole same ole, and are ready and wanting to commit to making your life how you want it to be!!! It’s about showing up and participating in your life, in making it the life of your dreams, to living in gratitude for all that you are and have! 

What you will learn and be part of:

  • Daily self-care with Meditation (get quiet), Journaling (Percolation!), and Dance breaks ( get moving!)
  • Tips and tools for stepping into your power and your dreams and manifesting them for real!
  • Journaling prompts and coaching questions
  • Letting  go of what’s not working for you anymore so you can invite in more of what you want
  • A gorgeous intimate circle of like-minded women ready to commit to making their own changes while they support you
  • Coaching with me!
  • Setting up your social media  calendar
  • Changing and shifting your energy, attitude, and beliefs about what can happen
  • Work with changing your story
  • Creating your Magic Action Plan
  • Your Money Game
  • Learn how to be that possibilitarian
  • Fully love your inner goddess and guide
  • Celebrate all that you are


What’s happening in our 3 months together:

  • We meet 3 times a month, with one week off for implementation! Nine sessions total
  • Meet on  Zoom ( which will be recorded), but full participation and commitment is necessary.
  • Weekly assignments and inspirations to get you and keep you on your path!
  • We have a private group page for continuing conversation and connection and support with each other and me, plus sharing our assignments and changes
  • BONUSES!!! Because I love treating you with special treats!
  • BONUS #1 : each of you gets a one on one call with me to really get you started on this journey together!
  • BONUS #2:  a free pdf copy of my book: From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance!
  • BONUS #3: if you are interested in joining my monthly membership, a journaling group, From the Body to the Page, online writing weekly class, and you pay in Full, you will be in the Founding Member Launch but will be FREE for you for the first six months… this meets weekly after our call, at 2:30, on Zoom, on Tuesdays starting in October…

How is this sounding to you, dear one? Exciting? What you’ve been looking for? Let me know…

I believe this is YOUR time, to step into your Creative Zone of Genius and do this with us.

**If you are ready, but want to talk with me for a short phone call to see if this is right for you, then click here to make a time on Thursday early afternoon from 12-2! Click here…

Only 7 spots left…
The payment deets:

First, fill out this short application so we can get started!

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I will reach out and you can tell me which payment plan, below, works for you, and we will invoice you… all easy!

Pay in Full

*$647.00 upon registration, by Sept. 24

2 Payment Plan

*2 payments of $357.00, one due upon registration, by Sept 24, and the second payment is due by Nov. 1st…

So lets’s get you started and settled in for this… fill out that quick application and we will start up next week! Click here

Have a great rest of your week, and happy end of summer ( or winter!)