Happy Friday… I am reaching out to you!

You are a mid-career, mid-age woman, and feel on the verge of a needed change. But what is it?

You are creative, but not making enough money. 

You feel like you have been working 24/7 for eternity and are exhausted.

You have a desire for something more. 

You are multi-passionate but can’t get focused. 

You feel lost and confused. 

So you fall down in a puddle of overwhelm and chaos. 

Am I right?

How would you like to find clarity, get support, and stop that mess inside your head, and your body? 

Ready to make those changes and step into your desires with confidence, self-connection, and some real action steps?

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Are you ready? It’s time for that change and for you to focus on yourself, beautiful soul! 

And as your coach, I’m here to help guide you into your fabulous feminine self and rewrite your story the way you want it to be. I want to help you listen in deep, and learn to allow your intuitive guidance to flow with ease. So you can  live with joy and curiosity and move forward with intentions that make sense for real change and success.  Develop a lifestyle that really suits you now. This is a new time for you.

Work with me in my Personal LIfestyle and Business Coaching Program

From Chaos to Creativity : 

Your 12 weeks to step into your possibilities

With practical ways to make those changes and manifest your desires.


Get Clarity on your Soul Goals

I have worked with so many women around the globe to help them achieve those dreams and desires in the time of mid-life changes. Starting with extreme self-care, body, mind, and spirit, I guide you to move from that overwhelming feeling of chaos into your Creative Zone of Genius. Stepping out of masculine energy of full speed ahead to falling back in love with yourself, and allowing yourself to receive what you are asking for. We want to finetune your dreams and desires so you get clarity and self-confidence to step into your true alignment with your desires. To live happier, richer, and lit up every day, in a more creative life, the way you want it.


Movement, Momentum, and Magic

Create new ways of movement in your body and your brain, so you can finally let go of what is holding you back. Gather your energy and ideas to create momentum so you can move forward with excitement and joy, whether that be starting your own business, creating a new venture, making more money, and loving your life. What are the changes you desire?  Allow your dreams to unfold and bloom, call in what you desire and live with beautiful and intentional everyday magic!


I invite you to schedule in a call with me, my free From Chaos to Creativity Call, for a 30 minutes consult and see how I can help you… 

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Because thoughts become words become things.

Clarify those dreams! Get them out of your head and body and make them real.

When you work with me one on one, you get my undivided attention, knowing that I have your back, woman! We work together weekly for 3 months (many of my clients have continued to work with me for over a year because we get such great results!).

We’re going to make a MAP for you: your Magic Action Plan. This is learning a new way, with a feminine approach, to prioritizing what you want to do, as well as letting go of what is not needed. Learning to ask for what you want and believing you can have it is HUGE. Breaking that chaos down into simple clarification and knowing your purpose and your why. That’s a biggie, my friend. Knowing your WHY is what is going to propel you into delicious action!

You get to take real actionable steps, actions that make sense, that are exciting, and yes, I do hold you accountable for doing them, as you unfold into all your glory….that is what we do together. And I like to mix the woo with the practical. Body, mind, and spirit connections.

For you to live with passion. ease, freedom, abundance, and joy, let’s take that journey for you together.


Past clients say:

“Paulette Rees-Denis is a force to be reckoned with. Her message and speaking style are so authentic and true across the board whether she is speaking to a small group of women or a room full of change-makers.  Wherever she goes she brings her signature style that provokes the listener’s imagination. She is not only an effective communicator; she also lives what she preaches. Paulette is a game-changer for her clients and students.” PSJ

“Paulette, I met you in my fifties, I was completely lost and overwhelmed by my life focussed only on others (family duties, husband and dog) and when my desires always come last as if they meant less than the rest. I felt that something was missing in my life and I didn’t know how to get right on track. When I began working with you I was little skeptical but I quickly realized that you were the person who could really help me. You inspired me, you woke me, you gave the tools to stand up and finally to live my dreams. You were and you are my guide, you helped to discover my path and to build it, you taught to value and take care of myself and above all to love myself.” AA



Curious if this is for you? Are you ready to commit to yourself and take action?

Book that free call with me now and see it working with me as your coach is what’s next for you? Schedule that right here…

Let’s talk so I can help set you up for success. We can schedule you for my 3-month program and get you started on your new exciting journey toward the lifestyle and changes you are desiring.


Have a fabulous Friday and weekend, and I hope to talk with you soon about what you are wanting, and wanting to change!

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