The will to win, the desire to succeed, 

the urge to reach your full potential…

 these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence… 


I love this. The urge to reach one’s full potential… I have always said, I’m not settling, not settling for less, not settling for something I don’t want or care about. I deserve my best. I want my best. It’s a desire, an urge, a gut feeling. And it’s about now, not later.

The desire to succeed. Desire, my friend, to embody all that you desire. Body, mind, and spirit. And knowing what success looks like for you, not someone else, but YOU. What does that feel like for you, what does success look like for you? What does it mean?

The will to continue, with curiosity, with desire, to live to your fullest, to experience what life has to offer you, and what you have to offer life. 

Who’s ready? I’m not talking about bulldozing full speed ahead here, though, I’m talking about moving with ease, with feminine grace, with intuitive wisdom and trust, with connection and focus and your own truth.That’s how I want to live, and move, and dance with my desires. Freedom, ease, flow, have you been hearing those words a lot lately?

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Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year, 

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“Paulette not only inspired me but helped to give me clarity on what I needed to do, not only for myself, also my dance and business. She taught me how to change my story and not to let others control my feelings. Paulette has taught me how to celebrate all of my successes no matter how big or small! I definitely would recommend to anyone who needs guidance or clarity, or maybe just a small push, to get the momentum going and have several coaching sessions with Paulette!”– A. J.


And after that class, if this is your time to continue moving forward with that ease and flow, to light up your vision with clarity, and work within a magical circle of creative women with me, then you can join my new Mastermind! This is your journey, with focus, self-love and connection, powerful creative action, and again with feminine grace and intuitive wisdom.

Dancing with Your Desires! 

Illuminating and Manifesting What is Next for You

Join us as to step into your 
Feminine Way of Manifesting Your Desires

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In my group coaching circles, I help guide women to invest in their own self-care, self-love, and listen in deep to their desires, because they want to create change in their lives, whether that be to change their income, build onto their business, change their bodies, lifestyles, or change their mindset! 

To illuminate from the inside out, to connect with the feminine spirit, intuitive guidance, for your creative lifestyle full of possibilities! And how to take action, that’s the ticket, my friend! To actually focus and take action steps to create your vision, your lifestyle, your dreams.

Manifestation. See if feel it, dance with it- your desires…

Let’s bring on the new year with you taking action, making the decisions to move forward, and taking steps for your success and freedom.


“Paulette is a top notch coach. So supportive, genuine, very wise, very generous and she helps you cut through the crap.” C.K.


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But first, Join my free Your Desires: Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year Join my FREE Masterclass…next week! January 12th…

So, happy new year friends, and let’s dance through this year with desire, connection, and a commitment to your vision! I am thankful to have you here with me




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