As a creative, I know there are so many different stages of expressing oneself!

One of those stages is being in chaos, internal brain overload and overwhelm! Have you been there?

Most of the time, being in chaos doesn’t feel good, right? Usually when I go into overwhelm, there are too many things on my plate and I can’t focus on anything. Or I don’t know which to do first, or what I can eliminate to help. That’s when I sit down on the floor and cry!

Then of course, I find ways to get out of that state of confusion. Self-care is of the utmost importance, especially at times of disarray and lack of some sort of order. 

Stepping away from the situation helps to get a look at what is really going on.

But sometimes, being in a state of chaos leads to profound creativity! It is part of the creative process, and one wants to honor that time too. Not just hurry to get out of it.

Think of that swirl of ideas wafting through your brain, and your body. Inspiration striking like lightning. Going through the storm, or being in the eye of a tornado. Letting chaos run its course for your creations and embracing the process. 

And then being able to capture the plethora of new ideas and visions and then hone it down into physical manifestation. This is when you move into your creative zone of genius, if you allow all of that to unfold for yourself.

But we often get caught up in the confusion, and just go around and around in circles. And don’t know how to honor it, and then move through it, and come out with more clarity and energy. I say allow yourself to be there, and notice what is happening. Get out your journal and take notes. Use sticky notes and plaster them on your wall. Draw some images. Write down your words. Make a grocery list. What is your process? Don’t think you will remember later, because I know whenever I say that, I never remember those great ideas! Then the ideas move on to someone else… ( have you read Big Magic?)

And…you can edit them later…just do it. 

And a great way to get that inner focus and clarity is honoring your daily practice of self-care… 

what I call Your Morning Clarity Ritual–
and I use a 3 part series: Meditate, Percolate and Dance Break. Some of you may already have read about this in my book or taken classes from me where we work on this practice.

So here is a gift for you if you don’t have this, a PDF of this practice for you! Just click and get your copy!

So , my friend, sometimes you just want to honor that chaos! And then move through it…

Now, if you are needing some support to help you get out of that place of unease, then I just might be your gal, your guide, your coach. It could be time for you to do some coaching with me to get you on the path of healing, gaining clarity, connecting with yourself, your body, and your heart, and get the tools to create the change you are desiring. So you can take action.

Is it time for you to move into a better place, a better state of abundance and joy? Let’s schedule me on your calendar and talk about what you are wanting. 

It’s free, love, a 30 minute call with me.

And we can talk about what will work for you, and if you want to spend the next 3 months with me, one-on-one coaching, and help you step into your desires! I would be delighted to be of service to you, to possibly work together in the future as your coach, and help you step into your creative abundance.

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Let me know how you enjoy the Morning Clarity Ritual,  and enjoy the rest of your week!


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