Happy Monday!

You are a multi-passionate creative woman, like me. Am I right?

Wow, all those great ideas! (just FYI, I am a manifesting generator in Human Design)… but are you also feeling multi-crazy? No time management, so many ideas, and no tools for actually manifesting and bringing into fruition those ideas.

As your coach, I am here to inspire and create using my energy, my gut intuition, and my connection to source. As well as my years of experiences in life and business. Those are what my superpowers are, engaging with your vision, your energy, and what you want guidance with, to share tools that will work for you.

As a multi-passionate woman in mid-life, I hear so often, from my women clients, in mid-career, mid-life…that you are circling in overwhelm, feel like you are in survival mode, on that hamster wheel of sameness and even boring and mundane.

We all have a purpose on this planet, in our one life, and that is to feel good, to live to the fullest and share our special skills, vision, energy. We all have a place in our big circle. And we need to have a MAP to get there.

I love leading women’s circle, because to see women connect with themselves and with each other to share visions, past stories, and learn how to release those old ways of self-sabotage (OMGoddess, aren’t you tired of that?) is empowering and uplifting for all involved.

There is nothing like being in a women’s circle, whether that be a class, a mastermind, a retreat, a sacred space for gathering, not to bitch and vent about the past, but to envision all the new possibilities! And how freaking exciting is that?

In our circle, we change, we can recreate ourselves, and as we grow older, our desires change, our priorities change. And to acknowledge that, shifting our mindset from what was, to what is NOW important… 

  • step into your new dream lives
  • rewrite your new ideas of the lifestyle you desire
  • reset your new priorities 
  • practice new methods of self-care
  • learn how to manage your time,
  • develop your creative projects
  • AND celebrate your divine self

This is the magic we create together…Shifting body, energy, and mindset, while finding clarity, and releasing that overwhelm to find a new way of self-care, of time management, and your freedom now in this new age! 

What are you desiring now, friend? Can you let the mundane turn into your treasure? Stepping into a new way of seeing all that you are, all that you have, and all that you desire?

So Join me in our new Women’s Circle and Mastermind

Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and Abundant Living

My Upcoming Women’s Circle and Mastermind is starting in just two weeks. You are invited to join us and step into your everyday magic!

I continue to run a once-a-year women’s circle, a mastermind group, to support you in this ongoing process of growth and self-discovery.

Starting MARCH 5th, 2024,

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Weekly gatherings for 3 months of coaching, support, creative tools, and inspiration in our amazing circle of women!

Women’s Circle and Mastermind:
Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and Abundant Living

Rewriting your story is a powerful and empowering journey. By embracing change, cultivating a growth mindset, and taking deliberate action, you can create a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, and aligned with your true purpose.

And if you, dear heart, are ready to embrace yourself and your desires, you are invited to join us in our 3-month women’s virtual circle!


Together we:

  • Identify your values and set goals that are aligned with them
  • Create a vision for your ideal life and develop a plan to achieve it
  • Break down your goals into smaller, manageable steps and take consistent action
  • Celebrate your successes along the way and stay persistent in the face of challenges- ALWAYS!

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So you can get the tools, the support you need, and the community of women to inspire and lift each other up!

Make some magic, create the change you wish to see, and JOIN US,
Cick here

Time for you to step into your feminine power this year, my friend… and I am here to help you with what you are wanting to reclaim and renew yourself and your desires…
Join me in our women’s circle this year!

I am looking forward to these transformational events and tohave you in circle with us is magic and powerful, plus divine!!

And I would love to talk with you and see what you are wanting, needing, in your life, now, in this time of change! You can schedule with me a phone chat ( it’s free!) becasue I’m curious about what you are feeling and if I can be of guidance for you… you can click here and schedule that phone chat with me…

Bringing creative divas together and creating positive and exciting transformations for you is my thing!
See you soon,
with gratitude,

UPDATES on our Costa Rica Adventure!
November 7-11th, 2024

Embrace the Wild and Divine Feminine Within…

A Journey of Exploration and Transformation for Women…

5 days in Costa Rica and our magical circle of women…
with Misha and Paulette

Same great pricing ( even early bird pricing), same wonderful agenda of magic and movement, deep diving into our desires, same celebration of our divine feminine bodies, incredible personal transformation, our wonderful circle of women, the just WOW gorgeous high end accommodations, delicious food, and fun adventures in Costa Rica!

Join me in our women’s circle this year!
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