Hello friend!

A quick email to you to share our new registration date for my weekly journaling class:
From the Body to the Page!

New sessions start  January 3rd…

How would you like to join my weekly writing/journaling class? We’ve been meeting every Tuesday for about 1 ½ years, with some of the same writers/journalers/poets, and some drop-in drifters… all good… powerful, evocative, challenging, game-changing…

I share prompts–poetic, sensory, illogical and magical, with different ideas for characters, types of writing, self-care inspirations, emotional changes, and so much more… a great time to check in with yourself, connect in our magical circle, and give yourself an hour of quality time.

Heather writes in one of our classes, from a prompt…

“When you change your stance, who you are changes in your dance.

You open up, become something new, earn your wings, learn to fly. Emerge from the chrysalis. Like a dancer, we must be fluid, flowing, letting life and experiences wash over us as music does to the dancer. If a dancer is rigid, they can’t move – with or without a partner – they are locked in place, frozen in that moment. We must keep that rigidity away – avoid it. Keep trying new stances, new poses, new movements, try new things, push the boundaries of self-discovery so that we can keep moving, and keep flowing with the everyday rhythm of life around us.

And then we fully participate in all of the wonder of the world around us – sensing and feeling the connection to others and exploring our unique experience. We create the library that is ourselves – each chapter of each book filled with new stances, new figures, new poses of what we are.”


In our classes, we use the spirit of adventure and curiosity, journeying into ourselves, into our brain,  body, and spirit… We light up our ideas, our self-expressions, illuminating a new path! So much fun…


and a COMMITMENT to self…
( there’s my word of 2023!)


Taking time for yourself, just one hour a week, with us, and any more time you want to keep on writing!!!

So take a deep breath, step out of your comfort zone, grab your journal, get your shimmer on, open up for adventure and curiosity, and join us… weekly classes, Tuesdays, 3:00 pm PST on Zoom

New sessions start  January 3rd…
click here to join us (only $27 a month, seriously!
meeting every week)


Have a blessed and magical weekend…I’m off now for a new photo shoot, and going to see Storm Large in concert tonight! What fabulous things do you have planned?



 I am so excited for THIS…

Come and spend 1 1/2 hours with me, virtually for an immersion into your desires! Planning for the new year as we honor ourselves in this past year…

Dancing with your Desires…
Movement and Manifestation for your Desires

mark your calendars! I’ll be doing this twice to accommodate our sisters around the globe…
Wed Dec 28, 3 pm PST
Thursday Dec. 29, 9 am PST
Registration coming next week, this is only $10.00… let’s gather and plan and clarify and dream and move into all that we desire!

A Women’s Circle for Moving into your Creative Life

We are about to dive into the holiday season. And as we start to think about next year, I have a new women’s circle starting in January, a healing space, a circle of creative women who want to make more magic, to create those changes, who want to support and inspire and be inspired. To illuminate yourself, your dreams, your passions and take steps to create that change. 

**This is a 3-month circle. If this sounds like the right timing for you, please PM or email me to get put on the wait list…don’t wait, space is limited to 15 women. Hope you can join me. Registration will be opening soon!

And if you want to join  in my online women’s group, Dance with Desire. you can come on over and check it out here…