Hello gorgeous one!

I am so delighted to be offering another Mastermind gathering as we move into the new year! I have just finished up 2 group gatherings this last month, one that continued for 1 ½ years ( so awesome!), and one was 3 months ( moving the needle forward!)…and ladies, they were magical. The transformations, the self-love, the gratitude, the expansion, the business opportunities, and the abundance! Yes to all of it! And more…

My new 2022 Mastermind: 

Dancing with your Desires: Illuminating and Manifesting

Is now OPEN for enrollment!

There are ways that creative women step into their desires, and in this group, we are moving forward with magical intention, with divine feminine energy, setting soul goals, envisioning the possibilities, and taking action.

If this is for you, it’s time to enroll and grab your spot! Because you are ready to grow, to leap, to take action, to live with joy and fulfillment, and more abundance…go here!

Starting January 18th, it’s 3 months of connection and support, of laughter and tears, of dreaming and walking your talk. Committing to, Creating, and Curating the life, and the lifestyle, you are ready for. It’s time!

Here is what you get:

3 months together, virtually, both on Zoom, and in our private FB group page

  • Creative Lifestyle and Business coaching with tools for body, mind, and spirit- getting clarity, confidence, and action steps for your whole being, and of course, much love
  • We meet 3 weeks a month with our gathering live on zoom, with one week off each month for implementation- release that old stuff, change your story, rewrite that story how you really want it to be
  • A special private one on one coaching session with me,  to kick off your time with us and lay some foundation- I want to know you and help you in the most fabulous way, with truth bombs and support
  • Time to co-work together weekly, there is nothing like working in circle to keep your momentum and accountability- each other’s stories and movement is unlike nothing else, working together is most Illuminating
  • Learning how to manifest those desires – asking, allowing and receiving takes practice and skills- I’ve got you
  • We celebrate all that you are and every step you take


It’s time to Dance with your Desires… 

Thoughts become words become things, my friend, 

and to make them happen, let’s step into them together… invest in yourself this new year, make yourself and your dreams your priority, with divine feminine guidance… No pushing and grappling and forcing… this is the new way of the world! 

I’m really good at gathering creatives together to lift up each other, inspire each other, and get stuff done. I’ve got the tools and the experience to share with you as your coach, that is my superpower… so let’s step into yours! Ready?

Here is the place to sign up and join us… 

And if you are not sure this is a good fit, let’s talk! I want the best possible outcome for you… book a quick and free discovery call with me, here, and let’s see what you are wanting.

We start January 18th, and meet Tuesdays, 1:00 PST, although there are replays for those that can’t meet at that time, and the group page is always active…gotta love that!

Hope to see you there!

What else?

You can still join this…
it started yesterday,  December 12th – 17th 2021

Join us for this amazing summit…
Powerfully YOU: Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness
& Express Your Magnificence in the World!

Click below to join us,

From Chaos to Your Creative Flow- book the free Discovery call with me if you are wanting some support!

If you find yourself getting stressed, let me know and I’m happy to support you! There is no reason you shouldn’t remain stress-free and focused on your desires as you enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

As your Lifestyle and Business Coach for Creatives, you can book a free discovery call with me to see how I can support you, click here: https://paulettecoaching.as.me/chaostocreativity

There are many ways of support and inspiration at this time, so let’s hook you up so you can step into the new year with gusto and clarity, and have a great time while you are at it!
See below for a few other ways too…

Book that free coaching call with me,Link here to join up!


Join me on Mondays at 12:00 pm PST…Lively Conversations with Paulette!

Let’s talk …click on over to here and join me… over on FB, https://www.facebook.com/paulettecoach

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 We always have inspired conversations, with bits of coaching, poetry, lifestyle and magic making, and YOU…

And every Tuesday, 3:00 pm PST, you can join us…

A weekly writing gathering for all who wish to dive into their words and self-expression!

Tuesdays at 3:00 PST…
Our once-a-week gathering on Zoom with focused time to write with the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic and soul searching phrases!

Take some time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, listen deep within your body, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.
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thank you for being here, I love you…