Happy Friday
and for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving…
may many blessings of gratitude shower down upon you!
I am forever grateful that ALL of you are here with me on this fabulous journey of discovery…

Hope! Our theme word for November… and moving into December with a 14-day Challenge…
questioning, thinking, journaling, listening, inspiring words about

**what is HOPE to you, for you, for the world!
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I love these challenges, bringing us together to have good conversations, inspiring moments of beauty and connection, and taking short snippets of time for allowing time to wonder and wander!

private women’s group on FB… to join in on this challenge…
We’ll be journaling on HOPE and possibilities and desires!
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As we step into a new era, a new time in our lives, careers, creativity, finding your NEW voice is a journey of self-discovery. It is about finding what you are passionate about and sharing that with the world. It is about being yourself and not being afraid to speak up. It is about showing up for yourself and your desires, participating full on! It is about being patient and not giving up on your dreams.

Finding your voice is a process, not an event. It takes time, effort, and practice. And often it takes asking for help. 

That’s why I’m here, as your coach. To help you find your new voice, as we grow older, because our stories change. Our desires change. And we want to release the old stories, too. Time for a rewrite, a rewire, and a renew! 

And step into your glory and all that you desire and deserve. To bring to light the new part of you, or the new all of you! So you too can shine your light!

It is worth it. Investing in yourself, taking time for your feelings, giving yourself more self-care time and more reflection.  And adding structure and tools to make those dreams happen. When you find your voice, you find your power. You find your way to connect with others and make your mark on the world. And that is a hell yeah! 

It’s a great time of year to set new intentions. Now is the time to stop the old roller coaster and step onto the smooth sailing ship of desire, yours! Because you are ready to go there, to give yourself this time for focus, clarity, and way more joy and abundance, it’s time for us to talk so you can get off that cycle of sameness. I would love to schedule you for a ( free) zoom chat to see what is next for you, if coaching with me is going to bring you into that place of joy and satisfaction abundance, and relief from overhwhelm. And how I can help, giving you tools, strategy, and healing while you move forward. I have set up my calendar for next week, yes, the week before Thanksgiving, 

Click here so we can talk and see what you are ready to bring forth for your desires!https://paulettecoaching.as.me/findingyournewvoice

So its time go out there and find your voice, your passion, your purpose, so you can shine your light. The world needs you…let’s do this together!