Our Journaling Anthology is finished, and I am delighted to share it with you!
Some of the women from our weekly journaling class have graciously given me some of their writings to put in this anthology, a small collection from over the past several months of coming together weekly to journal, quest, dive in deep, laugh, imagine, and allow their words to flow. We share an hour every week, led by my questions and prompts to get their creative spark on! I use bits of poetry, self-inquiry questions, coaching leads, fantasy ideas, and more to have them spend this delicious hour together in our magical, virtual circle ( on Zoom!) and then share with each other, sometimes with laughter, on occasion tears, and lots of “OMG’s that was amazing”, exclamations!
I asked them to share with you, to showcase some of their writing, to share with the public how great spending this kind of time with themselves has highlighted and expanded their writing skills but also deeper into dreams and desires.
From the Body to the Page is an exploratory experience!
I have a PDF for you to download and read all of their entrees! Click here and enjoy!
Here are a few sample pages:
Download the rest and grap a cuppa to spend some time reading and possibly journaling on your own!
So much fun!
And again, many thanks to the contributors for sharing…
Have a great week!
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And damn, what happens in this class continuously blows my mind. I’d love to help you get your words flowing and get those thoughts out of your head and see how it feels to write it out, and listen to each other!

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thank you for being here, always remember, I love you…