Changes are afoot…

Again, and always in my world of creation, co-creation, collaboration, productivity, inspiration, and more…

I’ve always said I’m not afraid of change, I embrace it, I love the creative aspect of creating change, I can be the queen of new projects, they come flying into my brain, downloading from my guide while I sleep at night, or in the middle of a class, or another project…

and then sometimes…
it’s time to let those go, to either complete them, or restructure them, or just banish them from my overload…
know what I mean?

and that’s what this is about today…
new beginnings…
my musings- being a period of reflection or thought
and now my missives- a long drawn-out letter of sorts and ramblings…

and this is what I’ll be talking about again
Today, 2:00 PST, for another
Lively Conversation
with me, Paulette Rees-Denis

take a break in your day to tune in and I want to talk about New Beginnings!
and a poem that I wrote too!
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For those of you who love to read, and write poetry, I call these my life-shorts, and am in the process of writing my 2nd poetry book, ( will be my 5th book!) really concentrating on that this summer on my 2-month road trip across the states,
but there is so much juicy poetry and ramblings out there… who are your favs?
Who of you are writers? Journalers?  Poets? Novelists? Wanna be somethings?
Who’s wants to spend more “me” time this summer ( or
winter!) to spend a Saturday morning with me, and your journals, writing, diving into your heart, experimenting, and adventuring with your words?

I was talking last night with an older woman who said she was not, nor had ever been creative. Lies–what this world teaches us to think sometimes is overwhelming to me. Everyone is creative, and lives a new and fresh life every day. And it is what you make it, and you can rewrite it, and your can create your life the way you want. Words are so important, and taking time with yours will take you to another level of living all the you desire!

Thoughts become words become things!S

I will be offering over the summer a once-a-month writing intensive, on Saturday mornings, 9 am PST, for 2 hours, to create a sacred space with which we can gather in virtual circle  on zoom, to write, to bounce off of my colorful prompts, and to add color and depth to your life. So fun.

My once-a-week journaling class, From the Body to the Page, has now transformed after almost 2 years of weekly journaling with amazing writers, to come together into this once-monthly extended writing time.

Beyond the Ordinary::
Journaling From the Body to the Page
a rewilding with your words

We will write, we will read aloud to share, we will experiment with different styles of writing and journaling, with rambling, poetic verse in different forms, mystical and magical imagery, and deep dives into our own lives. Writing ourselves into being present, showing up, and letting our muse take us to that special place of expression.

Who will join us on this 4-month journey? May – June
Saturday May 13, 9-11 am PST on zoom
then again on
June 10th
July 15th
August 13th
This is a longer class than before, with time to really sink into yourself and your words…delicious…new beginnings… you, and me, and us, and our sacred circle of creatives…

with Beginner’s Mind, we step into your deeper Wildness with journaling prompts, poetic phrases, oracle pulls, energy shifts, with that beautiful inner breath of enquiry, letting words be your medicine as you sink into your own rhythm of writing,  your ritual of being,  your magic making manifestations…
let’s write together…and become the cultivator, the creator, of your life as you move forward, while you dance with your desires!

my ramblings…new beginnings

1st things 1st

Sings an old country song


I sing into my new beginnings


And again

Constantly, and consistently

Changing the story

Organizing and reorganizing

And forgetting with this bit of aged mind warp

All the gorgeous and fluent ideas

As the filter through my brain

Wafting by, or bombing me

Or twinkle-toeing in circles


I need to cut through

Using my sacred athame in my mind

 So wisely passed on to the Ravyn friend of my soul

Protecting yet cutting through the shit

To stop with the what-ifs

To stand in my own power


A fresh picture emerges

Beckoning me, seducing me

With the undertones of awesomeness

I do so love to be awed

By words, songs, dances

By creatures of the night

Spirits dancing in my dreams of creation

What comes first I ask them

We’ll show you they say

But listen deep and watch closely

We won’t lie and we won’t stop


The movie unfolds

Careening through the pages

Double-exposed entities 

Of layers of words over skin

Over pictures of beauty

Of scarcity

Of sovereignty

In-person flesh presides

Direction as the conductor of a 

Wild symphony gone awry

Twisting and turning


Coming back to stillness

That beautiful place of space

Of allowing

Honoring the sequence of the unfolding

Stepping outside of the box

To stay in the box

Of my clearer vision of all that I am becoming


that’s a lot of stuff for you today!
Please enjoy, take your time, and let me know what you think! Love hearing your comments…

Thank you my friend, for joining us here in our online gathering space!
See you soon,


and if you did not see my Lively Conversation last Monday about how we show up and the words we use… go here to see the replay… hope to see you today!

and please spread the word to those you know would love my musings!!! eternally grateful for building community…