Hello my love,

It’s been a while since I”ve shared some of my life shorts, my “poetry”, my musings…

If you’ve been here for some time, you know my word of the year is “Commitment”… and that is a commitment to myself, all the things, dreams, desires, self-care, alone time, listening deep and mostly taking action!!!

I’m not one to stand in the background, no wall flower here, but that can be fearful, of stepping out of my own box, of breaking down some walls of safety and uncertainty.

But I have to keep asking myself, “What is the worst that can happen?” And I want you to ask yourself that when you come upon a dream of yours…

“What if you did not make an effort? What if you did not show up for your own desires? And what are you waiting for?”

so I share today a bit of my new writing…of going inward, of breaking through, of being misunderstood, of making mistakes, of forgiveness of self, and not caving in to weirdly conceived guilt, and allowing my heart to shine and continue stepping forward and letting go of past growing pains and learning how to only take care of me, so I remind you that others have their own stories, and they are not about you.


The self that banishes…

All the ridiculous catcalls

The behind your back whispers

The hidden discussions

 It’s the self that shows up

That speaks up

That shouts out

It is s that self that releases

The pain, the worries

 it is the self that doesn’t want to

Thicken her skin because 

Of what someone else sid

Because of how someone 

misconstrued a word or

A comment or a deed

That self wants to stay open

And full of love to share

The self that has so much to 

Offer, especially in these 

Crone years of wisdom and experience

Who want nothing to do with

Backstabbing and gossip

The crazy shrieking and ranting of the misunderstood

Not afraid to participate

And connect and communicate

From the heart and soul

The self can banish those

Events, things, people that don’t

Feed, drawing to her all

The goodness, magic, and momentum of life


The self that forgives

Those who bring love and understanding,

Cares, and concens, 

Cuz what so funny about peace, love, and understanding

But she mostly forgives herself for being quick to hurt her own heart, for taking it all on her shoulders,

 For jumping too fast or reacting instead of acting

Even she,forgiving herself for past words of pain, 

for mistakes blindly made, 

no intention of harm carried forward

For her spirit  and guidance don’t always 

Come through on an instant cart of knowledge and answers

And she runs too quickly

Wanting to fill in the gaps to ease the questioning…

But allowing her skin to still stay resilient

And her sleeves filled with heart and soul.


Alright my love, thank you for taking the time to read and listen deep…

share your comments and a–ha moments…I”d love to hear…

Have a blessed weekend,



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