Happy Tuesday friends!
I thought I would take a moment to re-introduce myself to you. So many fabulous new faces and friends here…thank you for joining me as we journey together…
Movement, Momentum, and Magic
are my key phrases in my coaching work…
I coach creative women, ready to make a change and step into their desires, abundance, and fulfillment.
I guide women who are wanting more confidence, and accountability, and able to see new possibilities in creativity and prosperity!
I give them spiritual, emotional, and physical tools to step into extreme self-love, creativity, clarity, action steps, accountability, and celebration for their successes.
And I love to talk with you, in my (free) consultations, which I call From Chaos to Creativity, to see if working with me as your coach is what is next and best for you right now. I want to help guide you to your own magic and abundance!
**I am committed to helping you–
*Be a POSSIBILITARIAN: Co-creating a unique space for you to prosper and explore all possibilities in a judgment-free zone.
Set your Intention and CONNECTION: Through self-worth and self-care.
*Have Freedom to REWRITE YOUR STORY: Change your words, make your own choices and fly your freak flag in pursuit of your dreams.
*To Live a SACRED LIFE: That is confident, individualistic, fulfilling and abundant.
* To Embodying MOVEMENT: Allowing your soul to love the skin it’s in, raise your vibrational energy to align your mind, body and soul.
*To Maximizing MOMENTUM: By motivating the energy and excitement necessary to take action toward your desires.
* To Harnessing everyday MAGIC: With conscious awareness, gratitude for living in your divine flow and making a difference in the world.
If you are wanting to talk with someone about your desires,
if you are feeling nervous to ask for help or guidance,
and if you are feeling ready to make some changes…
I would love to invite you to schedule a call with me this week. We can talk on the phone or on zoom, and let’s see what’s up for you. Schedule that call here, https://paulettecoaching.as.me/schedule.php
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What’s coming up!


my once-yearly Women’s circle and Mastermind

Join us for 3 months of circling up (virtually of course), with other creative women, with weekly calls, private coaching, and get the tools and support and magic your are ready for so you can breakthrough to your abundance and desires!

Click here to register!

And if you know anyone that this gathering may be super in alignment with, please share the love, my friend, forever grateful…