Roadtrip views, blues, and the mess of possibilities! July 18

Happy Monday!

My ramblings again, as I move through my holiday days…meditating, reading, listening…words, insights, phrases… take a line or a word or the whole thing, and see what it brings up for you… journal with it, paint with it, dance to it…


Sitting by the lake


Meeting your mind

Images of consciousness

Meditation the art of doing nothing

Seeking and searching for satisfaction

Daydreaming and choiceless awareness

Unobstructed views

Recognize the possibilities and experiences

Doing nothing is everything


#44 Earth Goddess


Dreams to become real life

Experiences of heaven on earth

Take the visions out of your head

Taking practical earthly steps

Take action when the time is right

Manifest your vision

Acknowledge your creative power

You are a lightworker

As you shift from fear to love

Healing the self and the earth mama

Fulfill your divine life purpose

Practical, spiritual, and positive

The heart is the gateway to divine union

As you enter into your own heart

Noone like you, no one has your quirks

You are a divine alchemy of flesh and bones and spirit and energy and love

 Unlock and unleash, your sacred rebel and your wild beauty



Early morning sun, the eagle flies

Country tunes, tears, beers, and bloodies

You always go against the grain

Creating commotion

Co-motion (that’s my jam)


Gathering and causing group movement

Radical dreaming

Brining the light yet still

Feeling the lonely

Seeking and forging different paths

Making the impossible possible

The essence of creativity

Deep beneath the waters

Feeling the flow and the ease of surrender to the new sensual

Agitator, instigator, motivator

Shaking it up

A catalyst for feminine celebration

Preaching the work of ahimsa

Earth sacredness and connection

In a world that hurts my heart, daily

The unconscious consumption of the privileged

I can’t be dulled down, I can’t allow that pain to stop me

It can be a beautiful chaos

Before the clarity hits

Alignment within and without

I want the wild butterflies to join in my world of

Envisioning, healing, and creative energy

With that way of graceful flow

In the river of life, the individual journey

For fulfillment and love

Being open to life
Thank you my friend, enjoy your week…

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That’s how to show up and live full on my friend!


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