July 8th 

Hello there.. Enter my rambling brain!

#22 Free Spirit ( from Alana Fairchld’s Love Your Inner Goddess deck)

She has the look of a Shaman, a magic maker, energy shifter, guide

Which I’ve been on the path of on and off through my ongoing, inquisitive, spiritual quest of my adulting life

Recalling my past healing studies and experiences as I dove in, and continue to…

head first, heart next, soul all the way–

Bodywork, crystals, cards, intuitive callings, empathic ways

Creative expressions to heal others

Music, art, dance, bodies, hands, words, touch, skin, heart


Let go of any thoughts based in fear, 

let myself be free to be open and positive about the next phase

The next rendition of me

I want to embrace my opportunities, my skills, my desires

The purpose and the call from you

The mess of possibilities

When things don’t seem to work out as planned is when we learn the most

Fly free and fly that freak flag

Say yes and spread your thunderbird wings, dear one

Touch down deep, earth goddess

Open to receive from the universe


The road unfolds in its stillness

Crystalline still waters

To gently rolling ripples

Fish are jumpin’ (cornfields are knee-high)

Water heals

Concentric rings of breath and bubbles

What are they after?

Nothing else stirring but bird songs

And the occasional dragonfly come to visit me

And the butterfly slowly spreading open to show me her coat of many colors

I swallow the quiet, engulfed in the clouds

Awaiting enlightenment… LOL

Heat warms my skin, I want to feel it all

Alone in my solitude

The moments I cherish, I wait


The stories come from all directions

Connections with decades past and yesterday’s voices mingle

Drumming takes me down into spirit world, I listen

Waves are created, faster moving

If I don’t sit still I won’t see life as it moves by

Not without me

Turtle heads peak out, reminding me of the beauty of the slow

Children splash and laugh, oh those free spirits


Others waking up to begin another day

While I have a half day in already still up at 5

Even on holiday

I see and hear my little movies in my mind

play out throughout the night, 


I watch the stars light up the sky, there are no other lights

Now the pahntoon slowly cruises, as if a phantom, carrying it’s passengers

The water is not alone anymore with its own life for the rest of the day


I encourage you to live with boldness, listen deep,

Ask for what you want, need, desire

To live alive

To be illuminated

Be the spirit seeker and listen to the voice of your soul!


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