July 30

Good morning my friend! 

Today’s musings are a blend this week, of roadtripping, what’s rocking my world, and some magic! Keeping my eyes wide open, maintaining patience, trying new things, eating too much!, and keeping my daily fitness regime whilst I move through each day, and NOT being hooked up to the internet all day every day…

What is rocking my world?

  • This new oracle card deck- Earth Warriors, and my first reading with them

Beautiful, evocative and Powerful stuff, along with my shamanic studies…And great ideas for my next tattoo!

  • Tiki bar gatherings with new friends and cocktails in a parrot mug
  • Thrift shopping
  • Packing up my mom’s apartment and moving her into her old home
  • And my mom’s 96th birthday! Damn…
  • Being proud of the women I have taught and coached over the years and how they have grown, expanded their dreams, their creative zones of genius, and their businesses–here’s just a few: 
  • Mid-century modern chairs from the 50’s that we are having reupholstered


Tunes for you! This will rock your world…




Healthy and delicious for you!

How about some cowboy caviar?


Thirsty? Iced tea variations….



Because I love Anne Lammot’s writings:

What is prayer to you, my friend? Have a read…Wowza…

One of my daily prayers is, “Slow me down, Girlfriend.” The prayer changes me. It breaks the toxic trance. God says to Moses the first time they meet, “Take off your shoes.” Be on the earth. Breathe with me a moment.”

The whole she-bang, here…



And some Mama Gena for you, 

And leading with your heart!



That’s my news for you today, my friend! I hope you have a blessed and magical weekend…

And forget the stinkin’ thinkin’…

So much love for you,

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