August 5th

Hello beauty, This is really rocking my world today!!!

***Let’s just start with a real tear-jerker! Wow, just wow, Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlisle, bringing Joni back to the stage… Both Sides Now

So wish I could have been there, one of my all time fav songs and albums ( Blue)


Some self-love ideas connected with the four directions! Love this… thanks Dakota!



Who doesn’t love pasta? Fettuccine and alfredo sauce?

Vegan style?

Made this and I added mushrooms too… so good, love me capers as well…



Just look at these sunglasses! What is your favorite?


And some Ramblings with my oracle cards and spirit guides, I am still spending more time daily, meditating, journeying, going deep, revamping my healing practice with my coaching offerings for you, and for me! 

Journaling, poetry, life shorts…

I am walking in the woods, breathing deep, listening,

Sitting on the rocks by the slowly running creek

Breathing in renewing life force, energy, fresh insights

The smell of the blue skies is clean, clear, crisp

Peeking through the branches

Freshly cut grass fills up my senses, in the distant wheat fields

And the smell of the earth is musty, real, brown dirt and root chakras

Wafting up into a cloak

To encircle me, protect me, lead me

Like the hermit, wrapped in love and the wings of the owl

I move forward

My grandmother is driving me around in a big lincoln

To my next destination

My ceremony, asking why and how

I run with the diamond tigers

No longer needing the past

The medicine is a sensual hunger for continuing life and experiences

I feel that ferocious compassion, the  passion of grace and fulfillment

Renewed and reborn

I am the sacred activist, the sacred rebel, the raging sage

I honor the necessity of continuous creative and soul expression


My wish for you:

May you have a blessed weekend, and may you tune in and listen deep to your desires, take action, take care, move that body, ask for what you are wanting, and have a great time doing all of it!


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