Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis

Today’s guest Greta Foster,

a Fengshui Expert, and head of A National Organization for Fengshui,

Episode #141

Wow, Fun conversation today about Fengshui!  Do you know what Fengshui is? Have a look and listen while Greta tells us about her particular practice, the Buddhist method, and all about your front door! The art of placement…homemaking…

We talk about turning her passion into a business, and her spiritual journey along the way. I love hearing how people chase their dreams, and their growth and processes along the way. Fascinating, people’s stories…

Creativity… the juice, the flow, the energy, and removing obstacles so we can continue our growth.

The house becomes the scaffold of your personal growth… oh yes…love this… Enjoy our conversation, and let me know your thoughts!

 View here:

Good stuff here… my friend… so glad to have you here on all the conversations and journeys toward self-growth and creative expansion!

A gift for you from Greta! a Price break on a 3 page report on the energy of your home! Email Greta at:



More about Greta:

A seasoned Feng shui expert and educator, Greta helps her clients reinvent their space and discover meaning in the mundane. Her Fengshui-inspired and themed speaking programs give voice to the human spirit and are of a great relevance during this time of unprecedented change in both the physical and metaphysical space. 

Greta is a seer of many perspectives and a stimulator of ideas. As a property consultant she takes a keen eye. She is sharp and intuitive, and able to perceive intricacies that others may not notice. 

Metaphysical teachings have aided leaders in times of change navigation, and the tradition lives on today. This thought provoking content will get people talking, help them open up, and learn to express themselves in a new way. 

She is Creative Director and Founder of The National Organization for Fengshui, established in 2021 to provide clients with the immediate guidance and resource assistance needed to integrate this creative healing art into their lives. Services ensure comfort and peace of mind for the inhabitants and supports health and well being in a real physiological way. 

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals and community leaders, she employs this functional medicine to advance living standards for clients, and their communities at large.

For Fengshui service inquiries, please visit: www.natorgfengshui.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100046276731710


Continue to live with magic, loves…


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