Hello Monday…
Do you feel that sometimes the words get stuck inside your head? Your ideas can’t come into any form of manifestation? You’ve been wanting to say something, to create something but are feeling stagnant?
There’s lots of things you can do to move your energy, mentally, spiritually, and physically, right? What do you do? I know one of the best ways for me is to do one of 3 things…
1. sit quietly and meditate so that I can breathe deep and release to refocus,
2. get out my journal and write it down, vent, cry, ramble on, write a poem, get a prompt and just let the words flow
3. make a move, usually going outside for a run, or hitting my yoga mat, or dancing around the house!
Shifting energy so I can go back to creating and doing what is next…
I love to write things down, lists, thoughts, stories, making shit up, or writing a poem, or stream of consciousness stuff, or new project ideas. A good journaling habit I’ve had for most of my life… a lifesaver for me for sure… It’s how I express myself!
How about you? Got one? Want to rebuild your writing habit and see what comes out through your body to the page?
Join my intimate class of creative women who are writing their heart and soul out with me every Tuesday, at 3:00pm(PST) on Zoom… this is a monthly membership for weekly classes (only $27 a month!)
And damn, what happens in this class continuously blows my mind. I’d love to help you get your words flowing and get those thoughts out of your head and see how it feels to write it out, and listen to each other!
Now, make a move to get your juices flowing!
See you soon and have a great week,