Hello lovey, Happy Monday…

Let’s talk…Why do I always recommend that you journal? Why do I love journaling so much?

I’ve been writing almost daily for the past 20 years plus, at least a couple of times a week. There has been times when I let up on that morning practice and I could feel a difference in my brain and in my body. I missed it. It missed me!

Sometimes I journal nonsense, sometimes I journal a to-do list, sometimes I vent and rage, sometimes I love and am full of gratitude! ( For sure, different than a gratitude journaling practice, I can talk about that later!)

Often I write new ideas and inspirations or write about a thought that has shown up. Perhaps it’s my dreams from the night before. Frequently it is poetic text as that is when I write my best poetry. And I might use prompts to get me going and flowing, that is the best way I have found to allow the creative spark of boldness. (See, now that is a great line that just flowed out of me!)

What I’m doing is emptying out my brain, connecting with my feelings, emotions, and senses.  Releasing anything negative, or old baggage, or just clearing space. I like to breathe and check in with my body. I don’t edit or spell check and I love the rambling and rolling of the words as I allow them to flow through me without stopping, or lifting the pen off the page. And yes, I love using a real paper journal and fun pens and markers of different colors. I have made collages sometimes and glued things or painted on the pages, but mostly it is the words I connect the most with. 

When I give this sacred time to myself, it is a way of honoring me, who I am as a creative visionary. My soul archetype is that of a Visionary. And that helps me be the best leader, teacher, coach, and creative! As a Visionary, I am one who inspires others to take action. I LOVE helping others move forward.

Opening myself up to receive anything new, the new ideas and downloads I get when I do connect with my higher self or my guides. This allows growth, expansion, and transformation. I crave continuing on with life and living and all that it has to offer me, and all that I have to offer life. And this helps me in my work as a coach, dancer, artist, teacher.

I love to incorporate my daily movement into this practice, including meditation, breathwork, yoga, dance, running. It all makes me feel connected, whole, healthy, clear, grateful, and ready for the day, or the week, or whatever is coming up. Feeling into the body, and listening to my heart and soul, comes out through journaling, envisioning, and even into the sometimes chaos of emotions. It all brings connection and clarity.

And that is why I love journaling. It’s important for my physical self, my emotional self, my spiritual self, my growth and daily well-being.

And that is why I use different types of journaling practices with my dance students in our certification courses, why I have my coaching clients develop new daily habits for their clarity and growth toward their transformations too. 

And that is why I teach weekly classes in journaling, using prompts, sacred space, and timed writings to dig in, without overthinking 🙂  With all levels of writers, and journalers, who are wanting different things with their writing, perhaps to write more poetry, or work on a book, or develop that daily practice of clarity and well-being, and for the joy of expression. An exploration and a journey… with tears and laughter and listening and sharing… these classes turn into profound timing for oneself, again, giving oneself that time where you shut the door, turn off the phone, and show up, participating in your life and your joy and your creativity.

Sooooo, my friend, YOU are invited to join my free class this Thursday, Sept. 15,
at 9 am on zoom (Pacific time), and give yourself this special time, an hour,  to journal and listen to yourself and each other, and have some fun with words and your own expression. You may be so surprised at what comes through you, using this time, my prompts, and our magical virtual circle!

Click here to pre-register, 

You need to do that to get into our circle! It’s FREE, love, and it will be so fun…class is filling up so don’t hesitate. Trust yourself if this is speaking to you, and join us.

See you soon, and in the meantime, have a great week!

So much to look forward to,


And so you know, after you join this class, you may choose to continue with our groups and build up your journaling muscle, surround yourself with other creatives, and give yourself special time for that introspection!

I have two virtual journaling classes, weekly. One has been ongoing for a year, outstanding!

You can join us for our weekly virtual journaling/writing class, with adventurous prompts and inspired sharing, time for you to dive into your words and your self-expression!

**Tuesdays, 3:00 pm PST, on Zoom, every week for an hour of bliss!

Our once-a-week gathering on Zoom with focused time to journal to the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic, and soul-searching phrases!

Time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with no critique or judgment, only encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, perhaps with some body movement, while you listen deep within, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.

No experience is necessary, all levels of writing are welcome. Together we can build our tribe of creative women with creation, self-expression, and inspiration!

ENROLL NOW!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


And my NEW class that starts Tuesday, 9 am PST, Sept  15th, that will run for 6 weeks (perhaps this one will turn into another ongoing class for those interested)

And here is the link for the 9am class… Click here to ENROLL…
Can’t wait to connect with you and lead you into some new creative zones for you!

This is the time and place for you to gather in a divine community, which is so powerful and supportive, get some momentum, be inspired, and enjoy the process!