Yes, Illumination Mastermind starts next week!

And I’m delighted to be offering you a sliding scale for you! 

More on that below! Hell yeah!

Hello there!

Here in this part of the world, it’s not quite spring yet. Life is in that darker place of the winterized inward journey of dreaming, stating those new desires, and moving into setting intentions for the about to begin unfolding and expanding.  Think of spring growth of  the unfurling, pushing through the soil, which is like opening up the soul for the budding, And that is a beautiful place to begin.

And how are you feeling? Do you feel like you are doing the same, in that place of a springtime bud- ready for the expanding, fresh with new growth and visions, ideas, projects, desires? About to be awakened, and illuminated, after the dark and cold of the winter? And are you looking forward to your new journey?

How about those new ideas that you want to get started? Have you actually put any gears into action? Or have you already come to a standstill? Unsure, and unclear about what steps to take next…Are you feeling stuck and stagnant? Unable to get off the couch? Are you running in a circle, not being able to focus with too much on your plate?

Oh, I have been in the hamster cage, spinning and spinning, excited with the new ideas, but lost in the hows, the whos, the wheres… You’ve got to start with answering the whys… that is the important step not to miss! And to help you stop that spinning, acknowledge your whys, I create a safe space, our circle, to first slow down, so you can connect with your true self and true desires, and then be able to step into creative action and feel freaking great!

I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life, always creating, turning my passions into small businesses, almost always working for myself, listening to my creative desires, multi-passionate that I am! From dance, to writing, to photography, music, management, design, retail, wholesale, to working in the healing profession, back to dance and traveling the world, to coaching, to global dance innovator and leader of female celebration ( and so much more). And I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done in the past.  For sure I’ve learned some great lessons, made mistakes, and took lots of deep dives. Yes! I’ve designed my life the wayI want it to be. I have created my ways of living, and I call my own shots. I have deep soul fulfillment, I feel rewarded knowing that I have made changes in the world that helps feed others in their own joy and successes. I love seeing my clients stepping into their dreams, ambitions, soul goals, shining their light too.

I’ve always had the ability to inspire others and help create momentum and action! And becoming that entrepreneur has led me to this deeper calling of Creative Coaching, here for you.

What is an entrepreneur? Someone who makes things happen, someone who owns and turns projects into businesses, someone who undertakes a desire. There are large company entrepreneurs (yes, I run a corporation) to small side businesses and hustles. There are aggressive entrepreneurs and there are conservative, there are innovators, there are doers, movers, and shakers. It takes all kinds!

And I love you all. There is a place for everyone’s dreams, there is a large circle of life, that you and your dream life, your vision, fit into. You are needed, you are worth all you can give to yourself to make your dreams happen. 

Are you ready for that in your life, in your dreams, in your work?

I want to support you on that path, that unfolding, like the about-to-arise spring flower. I want to see you dig in deep into your soul soil, get clarity on how you want to live, and move forward, with all that you envision. Take the movement to gain momentum and create your magic…And take action, most importantly! What will make you happy? What have you been craving?

Let’s create them together.

So I invite you into my next round of the Illumination Mastermind…

our women’s gathering sacred space, virtually, for the next 3 months. We start next week!

Because it’s time for you to shine your light, baby! 

NEWS **Gals, this week I want to offer you a sliding scale for this mastermind, because damn it, these past years have been tough, and it’s time to breakthrough to your own abundance and dreams.

Register here

This is a small gathering, virtually, a high-level supportive circle for ambitious creative female entrepreneurs, of any sort. Whether you are creating a new lifestyle that you want to step into, get into better self-care discoveries and habits, or take that hobby and turn it into a business….  I always create a safe and supportive space to meet your new powerhouse besties, too. Our gathering is a  place to learn, share, and thrive. To gather up the necessary tools, to reconnect with your divine self, and own it! Own it… what is next for you…

Are you craving connection and support, a place to let your vision unfold and get uber clear, and redefine what you are all about? To be in circle with that beautiful intimate raw energy of like-minded women also ready to burst and leap big?

Because now is your time, and you are ready to commit to yourself and your desires, to do the work, to show up. Really, to show up in your sexy creative life. Then join us!

Not only am I your coach, but your accountability partner, with tools for you to take you to the next level, because you are tired of the same-ole, same-ole… ready to make more money, to live in a body you love, to do the work that has meaning to you, to create those dreams ( to write a book, create your new business, ways to travel more, make more money, have more self-connection and compassion, and more self-love). 

No judgment here, just the opportunities to expand. To be a possibilitarian…

We envision and step into your dreams, define your desires, and rewrite your story….

Change your words, change your story, change your life…

We’ll look at what is not working for you, what is dragging you down, see what you can release, let go of, plus establish a great self-care morning ritual, add in simple daily practices, and get the clarity to help you focus, and then map it out…

What you get:

  • 3 months of YOU time, to focus, find clarity and take action
  • 3 monthly private one on one sessions with me to get you moving, focused, and on fire!
  • 4 monthly zoom calls with your new tribe of badass powerful change-making women
  • Audio recordings to set you up for success, meditation style!
  • A private Facebook page to talk with each other and me for daily and weekly check-ins and cheerleading! You bet I am there to support you and lift you up!

And all this for $1197.00 ( and yes, I am happy to offer you a payment plan option!)

And NOW a sliding scale option…

January 17th, 2023 is the start date! Woo hoo…

Are you ready? Reserve your spot now, here…

IS THIS YOU? Curious? Want to talk with me to see if this is the right next step for you. Please schedule that free consultation now with me so we can talk about your desires. Click here…

I am so excited to have you join us!

With so much love for you,


**Questions? Schedule that call here,

And if you know anyone that this gathering may be super in alignment with, please share the love, my friend, forever grateful…