The theme all week has been FOCUS…

It is Time to Focus on YOU and your Desires!

I’ve been going LIVE on FB and Insta every day this week with FOCUS a our theme! Have you been able to listen to the replays? You can check them out on my YouTube Channel. Don’t want to miss them…

And today, FridayI’ll be going LIVE today, one more time,
and this time we talk about YOU.
And your desires!

Join me at 2:30pm PST
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Join me with your beautiful energy, your comments and questions!
Let’s focus together!

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, right? But aren’t you feeling stuck there too?

It’s time to release that stuck feeling. Just because you know it, you’ve done it a million times, and you’re good at it. 

Because you know there is more… especially as you have gotten older… It is time to move forward, to go beyond your limits, to step outside of your box, to try something different, new, exciting…to stretch yourself beyond where you have gone before Like the butterfly, to break out of your cocoon and spread your wings. 

What are your desires, now, dear heart?

What part of this list, below, is resonating with you, now, today, this year? What are you wanting more of, or wanting for the first time? In a new way, in a way that feels expansive, a new comfort level, a new sweet spot, something that feels more femininely inspired?


  • Are you wanting to have a stable financial situation and be free from financial worries?

  • So you desire self-improvement, personal development, and reaching your new full potential, in a new way?

  • Your body has changed, your well-being goals have shifted, you want to maintain good physical and mental health and live a fulfilling life?

  • You desire meaningful relationships, love, and a sense of belonging.

  • Recognition and achievement: People want to be acknowledged and rewarded for their accomplishments and efforts.

  • How about more curiosity? You are desiring new and delightfully thrilling experiences that break the monotony of daily life.

  • And more inner connection, with self, with spirit, and you want to find a sense of calm and harmony within.

  • You know you have more to give, in a new way, to share, and have a desire to have an impact on others and share the inspirations, as well as be inspired.

  • And more time and freedom to make new choices and live life on differently, on your terms.

  • For sure, you are seeking a new sense of purpose and direction in life, because you are older and have changed, and you want your actions to have more significance. You want to be seen and heard. 


And I invite you to join me in our upcoming women’s circle and Mastermind, bringing women together in circle for

Women’s Creative Circle and Mastermind Group program

Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and
Abundant Living

Reclaim Your Time, Lifestyle, and Creative Flow with Soulful Self-Care

In our upcoming virtual circle, we change, we can recreate ourselves, because as we have grown older, our desires have changed, our priorities have changed. And to acknowledge that, shifting our mindset from what was, to what is NOW needs to happen for you!

In our circle, we meet every week for 3 months, and this is what we do!

  • Self-Discovery and Setting Intentions
  • Self-Reflection and Goal-Setting
  • Envisioning Meditations
  • Rewriting Your DesiresNurturing Creativity and Skill Development
  • Group Projects and Collaborations
  • Empowerment and Community Building
  • Celebrations and Future Planning

Throughout the Program:

  • You get Weekly Coaching and Support
  • Special Masterclasses
  • Our Online Community Platform within Our Sacred Space and Connection with Each Other too

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

This is the sacred magic we create together…
Shifting body, energy, and mindset, while finding clarity, and releasing that overwhelm to find a new way of self-care, of time management, and your freedom now in this new age! 

So Join me in our new Women’s Circle and Mastermind

Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and Abundant Living

My Upcoming Women’s Circle and Mastermind is starting in just two weeks. You are invited to join us and step into your everyday magic!

Starting MARCH 5th, 2024,

Weekly gatherings for 3 months of coaching, support, creative tools, and inspiration in our amazing circle of women!

Rewriting your story is a powerful and empowering journey. By embracing change, cultivating a growth mindset, and taking deliberate action, you can create a life that is authentic to you now, as you age and change, fulfilling, and aligned with your true purpose.

And if you, dear heart, are ready to embrace yourself and your desires, you are invited to join us in our 3-month women’s virtual circle!


Join us, click here

So you can get the tools, the support you need, and the community of women to inspire and lift each other up!

Make some magic, create the change you wish to see, and JOIN US, Paulette
Cick here

I am looking forward to these transformational events and to have you in circle with us is magic and powerful, plus divine!!

SOOOOO, I would love to talk with you and see what you are wanting, needing, in your life, now, in this time of change! You can schedule with me a phone chat ( it’s free!) because I’m curious about what you are feeling and if I can be of guidance for you… you can click here and schedule that phone chat with me…

Bringing creative divas together and creating positive and exciting transformations for you is my thing!
See you soon,
with gratitude,