Hello *|FNAME|*, beautiful you!

What’s holding you back, my friend?

I wrote this feeling like I still have hung onto the cords of the past things that no longer serve me, that no longer inspire me.

It’s time to reclaim more of me. More of my time, more of what serves me best.

To release the last vestiges of trails of what is holding me back, of what I still cling on to, those old tales and responsibilities

To quit showing up for what I don’t believe in anymore

Of what I don’t desire to put time into

Of what does not serve me.

I have held on for too long, I have come face to face with those inner demons of love, but that love of the past has dragged me down. Of who I once was. But not now.

Why do we hang on so long sometimes? Waiting for what? The world, my world,  will only change if I choose to change it. We get to make our own choices. Not listening to what others desire of us.

We get to make our own choices!

I step forward, and prepare to change my mindset and look into me now, and into the future of my desire, and the work I get to do, and the women I get to serve. And I can move forward. I get excited about the possibilities. What do I always say? To be a possibilitarian. 

These past experiences have prepared me for who I am now, how I have learned from the life lessons, no matter how shitty, so I have been able to keep going. 

I hear these same stories, like mine above, over and over again from women on the verge. Women afraid to let go, afraid of taking a risk, who are willing to settle for less than, staying in that comfort zone instead of expanding into all their possibilities. If not now, when, my friend? What are you desiring?

It’s time to interrupt those old patterns and behaviors, habits. To break down some walls that you have built. Get rid of negative habits and cords of the past, take one little step now, perhaps a step of 1% more today. Envision more of what you can do!

I want you to know, that I’ve been there, I get it. You can take a baby step. You can rewrite your story and step into your desires. Those desires want you to take some action, make a move, build some momentum, and create more magic in your everyday life!

If you are that creative woman, on the verge of change, desiring for more depth and action, ready to step into your abundance, and are ready for that transformation, willing to make those changes you are desiring and would love some support, guidance, and a bit of butt-kicking, I’m here for you! I have a few more spots open for the offer that I have made to you of a free From Chaos to Creativity phone (or zoom) consult with me so we can see what is next for you, if coaching with me is the perfect fit, or how I can best guide you.

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I am looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your desires. Let’s take some action together, my friend.
It’s YOU time…

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thank you for being here, always remember, I love you…