Happy mid week, my friend… how is your week going?

I’m still in Ohio on this extended roadtrip, on my way to Grand Rapids MI today to visit another Tiki bar and do some bowling! Yes, bowling. ( Did you see my pink bowling shoes I got me for my birthday?!)

Having been on the road since the end of June, somewhat unplugged, I’m kicking back into more writing which has been fantastic. And teaching my weekly journaling class is outstanding. I love to share some of their words, as well as mine, with you…


Sherry Lynn wrote this last week in class, writing off of the prompts:

I am mother nature incarnate, here to walk the earth, working with humanity against the forces of destruction, rebuilding our connections with the natural world. I shall embody and inspire wonderment and save our earth as a mystical, magical woman in full force of my power.
I believe in the liminal realm that holds the secrets of the universe and within it, the elixir of life found within the web of creation.
I believe in the warm hearts of humanity and those who stand with courage to do what’s right. I will always stand with them.
I love this embodied life I am living, tuned in to the heartbeat of oneness, feeling the breath of passion moving through the symphony of life.
What’s not working for me is the idea that the earth is not a sentient being and the amount of destruction humanity has left in it’s wake. I will stand for it no longer and even as I embody grace and life, I will fight to protect all that is precious.
I know what I want… and that is to encourage people to embrace nature in a new way, the only way… that of living in communion with the earth. I want life to thrive, in all it’s forms.
It’s a gift to be in this body of flesh and bone, so connected with nature that the plants and trees greet me and animals feel my heart. Not to mention, the amazing free-flowing embodiment and joy of movement and dance.
My wardrobe consists of my beautiful naked form, ensconced in snippets of moss and scents of herbs and spice.
I like being unpredictable and unusual… dancing with the wind, hair flowing, feet kissing the ground, moving to wolf song and the beat of my soul.
I like how this embodiment is unfolding, as a beautiful gift of awareness and experiences that feed my soul. Embracing the sensual and sexual, standing true in my power.
I love who is surrounding me… people of true hearts and courage. Those whose hearts melt for the hummingbirds dance, yet sill stand strong in courage when the need arises.
My abundance comes not with money, but through relationships and connections.
I love to figure it out as I go… following all that I know to the very depths of my soul, Gaia’s soul, ancient wisdom leading the way.
I know I am a powerful creator, creating change in a world on a course to destruction, saving humanity by instilling new, yet ancient connections with each other and the natural world. There is no greater force than a woman on a mission.
I hold the heartbeat of nature within me. It is me. Every life form upon this earth is precious. As I close my eyes, I sense the energies from the tiniest grains of sands to the swish of the majestic vessels of whales within the seas. I grasp each moment as gifts of change. Walking gracefully, my heart calls out to all, starstruck and downtrodden, seed, plant and the wildest beast.
Strong and inspired! What say you?

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It still feels so crazy in the world right now, doesn’t it? I’m feeling especially called to serve you.

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