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June 28
Hello lovely, It’s
 time for you to take a deep breath…and chill for just a short moment.

I am loving the idea of these weekly musings, my words, your words, something that has moved you, to write, or read, or share, or uplift you even…I want to hear you, loud and clear, I want you to stand up and say it, use your voice, share your words… so invigorating, inspiring, and can be heart-opening and life-changing too.

Today I get to share with you some words from the delightful
Heather Daniel!

 She is a dancer, a writer, a mom, and an exquisite purveyor of words… from fantasy to sci-fi, to beautiful poetic text… I’m delighted to share her words with you today…

Plus she is in my From the Body to the Page class every Tuesday and keeps blowing my mind with her words…


​​Allowing my spirit to guide me through the quiet woods

Leading me I know not where

Softly calling me onward

I heard the rustle of the wind in the trees

The gentle bells of the slow stream

Feeling the forest breathe in and out

The essence of all life engulfs me

I am alone and yet not

Surrounded by curious eyes and ears

We know each are connected to the other

And have security in that connection

The light fades and the fireflies arrive

To dance and light the path before me

Homeward, always calling me forth

The warm embrace of love and acceptance

The earth is my mother and we are one

At peace, at peace, at peace



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Thanks for being here, and for reading, and listening, and tuning in…

Let the words move you and inspire you, take a deep breath, and let it flow…