If you have been here with me over the years, or if you are new here, this is a taste of what I am about, as your coach, mentor

These are great questions to ask yourself, my friend in your business as well as your life. These are questions I ask my coaching clients so they can be really clear on their dreams, desires, goals, and the changes she is ready to make. So I thought I would answer them too and be totally transparent with you. You want to know how I work and what I can do for you? Let’s start here…

What are you  wanting to achieve?

For me I want to get better established in my coaching business, to make more money big time, and to make a bigger impact for my clients lives, lifestyles, and their businesses.

What is your revenue goal for the year?

$100K plus…

How many clients do you want to serve?

Enough to make a difference, to reach the right women who want to work with me. Enough to make that income! Enough to have my freedom and run my business the way that serves both me and my clients best. So I work with a group mastermind a few times a year, and add in several clients with one on one coaching.

What are you putting out into the world as your MAIN CHARACTER in 2022?

I show up as myself, having done the work for all my businesses and my creative passion, showing up as a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur, but importantly, as me  — a freak flag flying, tattooed poet and fun-loving freedom-seeking abundant money-making life coach, author, and global dance company innovator, bringing women of the world into their glory, passions, and community.

If someone was to ask you, what is your ‘Flaw”?

My “flaw” is that I’m a rocker, a party gal, a wild poet, a divine dancing goddess, a tattooed bellydancing queen, a freak flag flying creative, a sacred rebel, which I embrace fully, always forging my own path, my own way, which is what I preach to you, my clients, to not follow the book but to listen in deep! To honor your  divine feminine, to shine your own light and illuminate your path ahead…(You can take the girl out of the rocker, but you can’t take the rocker out of the girl!)

I say, let’s light up your  “flaw” and guide you to shine your light!

So, my friend, can you answer those questions? Can you share them with me? Are you ready for a consult with me to see what is next for you, because you are ready for a change, to Illuminate your life and career and creative spark? Because, you just might be ready to join my next mastermind that starts in April! ( more info to come)

This is for a group of creative women, ready to experience what is next in life for them! Mid-career, mid-life, and afraid of becoming stagnant. You have a heart full of passion and desire, but aren’t sure of which way to turn! You want successful biz and still live with your creative juices flowing, combined into one beautiful outstanding life. So let’s talk…

I am still offering some free From Chaos to Creativity consults, a 30-minute session with me to see if working with me will help guide you into your desires. You are important, and it’s time for you to move forward with clear intentions, actionable steps, and fulfill your desires.Click this link to schedule us together!

Tell me a little about you, my friend… let’ s show up together!

Thanks for being here… now click for that consult , I can’t wait to meet you!


It’s YOU time, Yes, You Girl! This daily journey has been ongoing now for a month, with inspirations and actions and questions for you to take everyday for your self care and awareness path! Enjoy and share…

And today’s action is:

Join us in my private women’s group on FB, and get your every day moving forward with your beautiful energy while feeling better and better! More connection with yourself, finding more words to ask for and describe what you want, stepping into more self-love time, and participating in your own well being!

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thank you for being here, always remember, I love you…