July 22nd

What is rocking your world this week?

I’ve been doing weeks of road tripping traveling! From Palm Springs to tiki bars to visiting friends to our family cottage on a small lake in Coloma, Wisconsin, to Madison with friends, to Chicago with my brother from another and his gal, and now to Columbus Ohio to stay for a awhile and help my mom!

What have you done differently this week? I love this idea of DSD, Do Something Different, whether that be in how you run your business, or what you do for fun, or what? 

What happens when you do something different? You might get your heart rate up and sweat a bit out of nervousness, you might get exhilarated from something so fun, you might do something and hate it, so many options. But I love stepping out and trying something, perhaps something I thought I would never do… or just never had the opportunity. For one, driving across country is a whole new adventure, and is begin super fabulous.

Some of the things I have done, outside of my everyday normal:

  • Gorgeous country road cruising
  • Famous tiki bar visiting and tasting their MaiTais ( Jeff’s still rock)
  • Enjoying the ever-changing beautiful landscapes this country offers us
  • Kayaking in the early morning on  a quiet lake
  • Writing more poetry and more journaling
  • Playing Yahtzee until late in the night with good friends with tears of laughter rolling down my face
  • Reading and napping ( well, I do that a lot at home too!)
  • Happy hour cruising on the lake with my other brother from another and a glass of wine
  • Hiking to the point in Madison
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightning bugs
  •  Sitting on the lake with friends in Madison, which is a totally rocking town
  • Ebike riding around the town
  • Supper club martinis
  • Thrifting
  • Improvisational dive bar and pool playing
  • Bowling and more bowling, which I now am obsessed with
  • Country bar karaoke ( NOPE!)
  • Wallpaper obsessions
  • And more thrifting

So, what are you DSD this week? It will change your energy, your perspective, and your desires! I promise…

Then let me know what you did! Or want to do…



Nice Creams!  ( not ice cream!)

People… perfect for those hot summer days, or any freaking time!




Since we were talking about BBQ’s last week, how about this one?


Oh yeah!



If Light Closed Its Eyes: A Verbatim Documentary Play from DU PAI (Trailer)

Here is a trailer, that is sooooo beautiful! I wish I could see the whole play.. Check this out!


IF LIGHT CLOSED ITS EYES is a verbatim documentary play, created from 100 interviews, exploring the criminal justice system and shared humanity. This production is performed, designed and produced by over 50 incarcerated artists, with the guidance of DU Prison Arts Initiative (DU PAI)


 Tim Ferris and Derek Silvers!

Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying “No” to Millions (#125)

Derek started CD Baby back in 1998 in Portland… and how he moved from there, and what he does now…

a place that has sold a bit of our Gypsy Caravan tunes!

Gypsy Caravan music is still available on download from Amazon…

You my friend, let me know what rocks your world!

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