Friday the 24th…Happy Solstice week!

Kicking off summer here for sure… and I’m getting ready to go on a very long road trip, in fact, I’ll be unplugging for much of July! Something I’ve never done for longer than a day… to get disconnected from my computer…woo hoo…I’m pretty excited about that…

But you’ll still be getting love notes from me, I”m just planning ahead 🙂

Here’s some juiciness for the week!


A fabulous woman! Helen Mirren… let’s talk about aging…

Lisa Bilyeu talks about her new book, Radical Confidence, ​​”a memoir and practical toolbox for developing a growth mindset and transcending what she calls the ‘purgatory of the mundane’.”

Purgatory of the mundane! That is a priceless quote and a place I never want to be… you?

And she has a great conversation with Rich Roll on his podcast!

DOG Health…

More dog food and dog health care! Stuff you don’t know but should look for…


FREE Masterclass TOMORROW, Saturday, June 25th 10 am PST… JOIN ME!

Are you going to join me tomorrow, Saturday the 25th at 10 am, for my FREE Masterclass… Reset, Renew, Rewrite? 

In just a quick hour, let’s join together in our virtual circle!

With breathwork and movement, let’s release and reset so you can step into this next season the way you want! Rewrite your story, my friend… and you MUST pre-regsiter now!

Let me get you started and et’s work on making those small changes as we step out after the pandemic! 

  • What’s changed for you? 
  • What do you want to let go of?
  • What do you want now? 
  • And how do you want to show up, differently, in your world? 

It’s time to get off the couch and show up in your life more fully and with more clarity and joy!

This will be an hour on zoom, and bring your journals too!

Register here… 



I LOVE wraps! So many ways and veggies you can wrap up to make a beautiful meal…

White bean wraps… here you go…

Think about all the delicious combos you can come up with for these quick lunch time treats! And pickles with everything I say! Lots of raw veggies, spreads, beans, and always add some crunch like slaw, cucumbers, radishes… what’s your fav wrap?

I made this vegan mozzarella last night and we made pizza! Plus I made fresh basil pesto, with walnuts and brazil nuts… and put that on the pizza too!


Have you cooked with Jackfruit yet? And if you have ever seen one, it is a HUGE pod…I use if for chili, BBQ, tacos, and here is a great recipe to make “crabcakes”.

So good!

What are you cooking up this week?


Other things going on in my Paulette land!

If you are wanting to do some more writing, or get your journaling practice happening, you can join my Tuesday weekly class, on zoom, 3:00 PST

From the Body to the Page! 

Join us for our weekly virtual journaling/writing class, with adventurous prompts and inspired sharing, time for you to dive into your words and your self-expression!

Our once-a-week gathering on Zoom with focused time to journal to the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic and soul-searching phrases!

Time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with no critique or judgment, only encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, perhaps with some body movement, while you listen deep within, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.

Register here:


Also for summer, I’m excited about my online course that just launched, 

From Chaos to Creativity, 

a 5 week DIY to move you from stuck to fabulous, at home, on your own time, with me! 

So check it out, read more here, and get your copy, plus a free copy of my book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, when you sign up for the course!

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You my friend, have a great weekend and let me know what rocks your world!

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