Sweet surrender is all that you have to give. (Sarah McLachlan)

Surrender, surrender/But don’t give yourself away.  (Cheap Trick)

Sweet, sweet surrender, live, live without care/Like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air. (John Denver)


When life smacked me upside the head and said

“Don’t you get it yet, woman”

I got it, I got it, I said back to life!

Been saying the same old stores about no money, unworthiness, lifestyle changes, getting older, career impossibilities.

I was stuck in a rock and roll world, of artist starvation stories, freak flag flying no man’s land, dark dark nights, and the same repeating and flagellating stories of lack and loss.

Once upon a time, everything I touched turned to gold, every creation, idea, project, all my desires/

Then I fell down, got kicked down even further, but I wasn’t going to give up. I got up, I kept dancing, I moved with a masculine-driven force of not quitting.

Yes, somewhere, I know I needed to turn inward and I tuned in, turned on my feminine drive, again, lost somewhere down that road of excess, I wanted that graceful and intuitive connection. I could not force anything to happen. I listen deep, shifting my mindset. I asked for guidance from source, but also opened up to my vulnerability and asked for human support too.

Yes, it was time to reinvest and reinvent myself, having always been a chameleon of my delicious life!

Continuing on with the beautiful intention of finding my new story, and new ways of self-care, releasing that old shit that had tied me down.

And the gold is returning, my friends and yours can come into being too, manifesting your desire… Talk to me and let’s make YOU happen!

Surrender my friends, is sweet and so simple. And the beginning of opening up to so much more, with ease and grace. Feminine ways of creation and connection. Moving with life and all my possibilities. Becoming that possibilitarian ( I’m always talking to you about!), instead of that old me of doom and gloom and settling for less, afraid to upset anything or anyone around me.

Feminine ways of creation and connection. Moving with life and all my possibilities.

 Because I am still becoming.


And you, you are on the verge of becoming! You are here with me. Do you feel it? Are you ready to lean into your possibilities and find a new clarity for your desires? To redifine your thoughts about your abundance, breaking down the wall of resistance and those old limiting beliefs?

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Have a great weekend, lovey….

Some songs for you this weekend…

Sarah McLachlan – Sweet Surrender


John Denver- Sweet Surrender