Who and what do you surround yourself with?

This week in my daily love messages on Instagram I’m wanting to know what is around you that fills you up. Or doesn’t…

I love to remind you to add some sparkle to your day. 

So, what does light you up, my friend? We do want to be surrounded with those people and those things that bring us joy and pleasure, and we always need to be reminded how important that is. It’s about being present, and paying attention to what we desire.

Pleasure fuels us, pleasure gives us the joy of life, that feeling in the body. That feeling from the work that we do,what we bring to the world, and how we show up and participate in our life. And bringing in those feelings of delight every day makes us stronger, clearer, with better and higher energy- being in alignment with our truer selves. Self-care of the highest!

When we really pay attention to those ideas of what feels good to us, and who we want to be around, then the things and the people that don’t feel good anymore we can say bye-bye to. Not everything is forever.

Think of it this way, proximity is power. Who around you inspires you, lifts you up, and encourages you? People you work with, your partner, your community, your coach, your circle? Do you have enough of those people in your life? 

What things bring you daily pleasure? I love to have fresh flowers in my office. A lovely candle and some aromatherapy while I’m working. I take a daily morning walk. Those things light me up.

Who brings you down, has negative energy, stops you from moving forward? What things in your life, your home, your body, weigh you down? Make you feel stagnant, or deplete your energy? Can you remove them from your life?

Maybe it is time to do some decluttering! Release that old stagnant energy, those things that have been building up, those folks that don’t inspire you anymore. Like I said, nothing is forever. Some things and some people are meant to waft through your life, gifting you with moments of delight. Then you can let go of them. And be grateful for that gift of inspiration and that experience.

Sometimes I feel like a chameleon. So many changes in my life over my 65 years. With so much fun! So much joy, passion, so many adventures, places, people. Moving, rearranging, designing my life how I feel in that moment. I choose what I want, who I want to be with, where I want to go. 

Some things do last forever too. And that can be a beautiful gift. Things and people that get you, that encourage you, that bring you joy and beauty and a deeper meaning. 

We want to create our own magic every day. To be amazed every day. So think about it, what can you do, or bring in, or spend time with, every day that will bring you pleasure? That you can say Yes to? 

Movement creates momentum creates magic!

My philosophy of life, of my work, my dance, my coaching practice, my writing. All the things I do, start with movement, continuing to move forward, however that looks to me on a certain day. 

Get some movement, from moving your body, to moving your things, to moving your brain!! Gather your creative momentum and make things happen!

For instance: teaching yoga this early morning outside to some lovely folks, under the beautiful sky, continues to inspire me and fill me with gratitude and reminds me of how to move and live each day with joy and pleasure. To be the best me to bring the best part of me to my work and to my day. This fuels me.

I’ve also spent the last couple weeks traveling and being with good friends and listening to great music and seeing great sites and eating wonderful food…All the things that feed me so that I can continue to grow and expand and bring more joy into my work which then trickles down into being able to bring more joy to you and to help you find your joy…

To be inspired and to inspire, to live with beauty and passion and what turns you on, bringing pleasure into your day, into your body, into your work. Maybe it is time to rewrite your story to include more delight more passion for what you do and how you do it, and where you do it. To live with abundance, to live with joy and creativity, to live a life fulfilled. Today is your day. Make it the best day of your life my friend. 

Have a great week

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