Yes, I’m talking to you!

Yep, I know, different hair, color and style… that’s me, changing it up…always… to fit my mood and shift in energy and focus and where I’m at in my life and my business and age and desires!

As I continue to coach and teach, I too, continue my own studies, having started years ago, getting certified through Tony Robbins, as a life coach. He is still one of my heroes ( I have many!) and influencers in my life, my abundance, my business, my joy!

So, while I am leading a fabulous self-care challenge for you,  I’m also participating in a challenge for myself, even as I lead you through some fun challenges, and today is to share something amazing about myself. If you’ve been with me here for any length of time, you know some of what I’ve done over the years. If not, I’d love to share a bit with you. Women, I truly believe that you should stand up and shout out, be seen and heard for what you’ve done. We all need to show up bigger and brag, in a delicious way, about what we have done in the past, that has led us into the life we live and the work we have chosen now. Right?

If you are new to me and my work in the world, 

**I have led a global dance company for over 30 years, teaching and coaching (predominantly) women to become their best creative self, to become the leader they are meant to be and to start and own their own businesses. 

**I have written and published 4 books, with my own publishing company, 

**and I continued my studies to receive my Masters’s Degree at age 50, in Publishing and Writing. 

Oh, I have so many stories I could share!

But I’d love to hear something amazing about you too! Because I choose to live in a world full of unique and gorgeously creative people  who know they are amazing and are not afraid to stand up and show up for what they have done ( that is one of my superpowers as a coach!)

And this is why I became a lifestyle and business coach for multi-passionate, creative women, in mid-career, in mid-age, because I LOVE helping you, my clients go from chaos, you know, that constant confusing chatter of overwhelm, to your own clarity, abundance, freedom and creativity. To have the joy of the life we all desire and deserve!

And I’m feeling called to help a whole new wave of people. Will you hold this vision for me?

I am offering 10 of my free phone Discovery sessions, From Chaos to Creativity , next week, as my gift to you, or someone you know, who has desires for change and need some support, guidance, and tools for forward action! Who would want to find some clarity, relief, and action steps to rewrite their story, with the grace of feminine guidance and intuitive energy! I would be delighted to support you, or someone you know to get from the inner chaos to get their outer creative juices flowing and energy on fire!

Here is the link to get registered with a call with me, I am so dang excited to meet you and see how I can be of service. Click here to schedule me with you!

Thank you, You are amazing!


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