Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt perplexed, depressed, already overwhelmed, and feeling less than confident for what lies ahead, for the day, or your project, or your life? 

Or you are working toward a ‘thing’ but it’s taking longer than you wanted. 

Or you are just unsure? What next? 

What thing can help you with that? You, taking time for yourself, for your morning clarity, your setting yourself up for success time, your journaling and movement, and meditation time. 

Did you forget? How to spend time with yourself? To listen in and ask for what you wanted next to help you? For answers?

We live in a world full of chaos, noise, crazy-making activities, goal setting, achievement focus, pressure, money woes, internet business, social media hypes, family needs.

Most of those activities I do love, but in my own way, on my own terms. So I have to ask myself, what do I really need? What can I do? My body knows, my inner goddess knows. But I have to listen. Listen in. To trust that I do know what is best.

Yes, to meditation. And yes to quiet time. Today on my daily morning run, i wanted quiet. I wanted to talk to myself. Most of the time I listen to podcasts or books on audio when I’m out, but today I just wanted to be with me. Because I was feeling a bit lost.

And I write. Journal. To empty out of my head. To help clarify and to clear out the clutter, to make poetry of the chaos, to understand. To get a download of sense.

I wrote this:

I keep going

Reaching toward my desires

Visions of the more I can be

Baby steps, grand leaps

Rewriting my life, reverberating through my bones, my being

Becoming the magnet

Letting go, falling down,

Get up, I say, breathe…


Eyes and ears open

Heart splitting

Asking for the  connection

Absorbing the nuances of being

I keep envisioning those wanton desires

Crazy making wants

Sometimes feeling delusional grandeur within them

Yet frolicking with compassion that burns my soul

Preaching to the choir

But giving over to trust and glory

To keep on the train of wisdom giving

In moments of disbelief

Of not finding the ones whom I am meant for, am here for

To surround myself with their questions and conversation

Juicy in the unfolding 

Rising daily into the movement

motivating with the benefits of my offerings and rituals 

Of being seen, outside the box of bricks, the walls of uncertainty

Into the expansive ways of a new world, a new place

I know in my gut

Get up, breathe…

I keep going



I wrote this in one of those states of unsureness, and journaling my feelings, in my body and my soul and my brain, just letting it pour out of me, is so cathartic. Then I take some time to pull out the goodness and do a bit of editing to have another life-short, or a poem, to add to my collection!


We do some of this type of work in my weekly journaling class I lead on Tuesday afternoons… an hour every week, we come together and write, and share, and it is epic! I lead with prompts, ideas, sensations, questions, and we all write together, on zoom. And we are publishing an Anthology of our writing from the last few months… very exciting…watch for that in April…


Accountability in action. Showing up for ourselves every week and noticing the feelings, the shift in our writing experiences. It really is about taking time for yourself to listen in, to flow, to express and create!


Freaking powerful stuff…


I hope you can take time for you, my friend, to journal, to do those things that feed you, that help you reconnect with yourself, daily. So you can move forward with beautiful clarity and poetry and motion and confidence!

If you want to join us on Tuesdays, here is the info…

From the Body to the Page…it’s a monthly type of membership, only 27 bucks for all four classes…

we meet on Zoom at 3:00 PM PST for an hour and write our selves into joy and connection! And it is fun and outstanding and just wow!

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And whatever you decide to do, do it for you, take some time…

And oh yea, starting this FRIDAY, 

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Days of fabulous self-care tips and fun… 

t’s YOU time…

join over in my private women’s group on FB,  Dancing with Your Desires, and get your every day moving with your beautiful energy and feeling great!



OK love, have a fabulous week, get out the pen, 

write it down, shout it out, show up and do it!


Loves to you,