Yes, you are creative!

What do I mean when I say I move from chaos into creativity? From Chaos to Creativity, is what I call my free coaching consult, because I want to help you move into your creative zone of genius.,the new life you want to create. 

Have you ever had that feeling of confusion, 

of not knowing which way to turn next, 

or what you want to be as you get older? 

Lots of jumbling and rumbling going on in your head and doesn’t that feel chaotic?

It’s time to turn that chaos into clarity and creative ideas and order and most importantly, fun!

And you say, I’m not creative! Everyone is creative, my friend, because you are creating your life as you live, every day. You GET to create how you want to live, what you want to do, how you want to be in this world, every day. 

As we get older, we change, shift, move forward. Or at least we want to. Things feel different. Our bodies act differently. Relationships are different. Things that used to be important, don’t feel that way anymore. There is clutter, inside and out…

You know you want to live a fuller, happier, different life than the one you’ve been living. Because you have lived that already. 

What is that quote that Mary Oliver said?

 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

It’s time to create another part of our life. To experience more of life. Do you feel that? Are you dreaming of something new? You want to live differently because perhaps your values have changed, or your health is shifiting, your ideas of abundance are different now. You are more curious, want to quiet down, or perhaps live more loud and boldly. 

Ever feel rebellious toward making a change? Rewriting a plan for yourself because you are so spontaneous feels hard and not doable? Or making a change feels like even more chaos?

This is where I come into your life! As a multi-passionate woman, a dancer, healer, businesswoman, poet, and a chameleon of life, that’s what makes me a fantastic coach for creating healing change. Because I’ve been through a lot of that chaos too. And I have found ways and tools to make change. (See my fourth book– From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance ) Because I can help you see a new path, a way to make more money, or change your lifestyle, find more pleasure, to be a more joyous you. 

Ultimately that is the goal of life. To live with joy, To live every day with magic and happiness. To make a difference in the world. To move body, mind, and spirit. To create momentum and step into more of you. And that is creative, and that is you designing your life, now, as you are getting older, to follow those desires, that dream you had. 

Because you can. This is your life!

I am here to support you, to share tools, to help you create a new MAP- Magic Action Plan, and create the life you want to move into. Try those things that perhaps you were fearful of trying. 

Fear is a great catalyst for change! Questioning the unknown, stepping into the dark. Yes, that can be fearful, but we can break through that block, that bit of self-sabotage so you can feel your magic unfold, and move from those ideas or that chaos in your mind to real action.

What have you been wanting? Let’s dive in…and create the life you desire now.

Here is what you can do next: You can schedule a time to talk with me to see what is next for you and how I can help as your coach. Click here to schedule, it is free and I’d love to show you how to be a possibilitarian! Bring your creativity out and rewrite your story! Break through the fear and have fun. Feel the love, my friend. Let’s do this together…

Know that I am here to support you, to share ideas, because I want to see you shine your light, to illuminate your dreams, to stop the self-sabotage into your desires. You are part of this community, online, that I love sharing life’s journeys with. We are all part of one big circle, and every one of us is important to that circle of life. You have a life to live and joy to have. What’s next for you?

I look forward to talking with you. 

I am excited to be of service to you, to possibly work together in the future as your coach, and help you achieve your creative abundance, the life of your dreams!



Wishing you always great love…


What’s coming up for 2023?

A Women’s Circle for Moving into your Creative Life

We are about to dive into the holiday season. And as we start to think about next year, I have a new women’s circle starting in January, a healing space, a circle of creative women who want to make more magic, to create those changes, who want to support and inspire and be inspired. To illuminate yourself, your dreams, your passions and take steps to create that change. 

**This is a 3-month circle. If this sounds like the right timing for you, please PM or email me to get put on the wait list…don’t wait, space is limited to 15 women. Hope you can join me.

Schedule in that free consult with me now, a 30-minute phone call, or zoom call, so we can see what is next for you…
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From Chaos to Creativity… calendar us up, take the first step! Let’s talk…~~~~~~

And if you want to join  in my online women’s group, Dance with Desire. you can come on over and check it out here…