You are on the edge of change

Is this you, my friend?

  • You crave a community of badass, hard-working, highly motivated women to surround and uplift you into your divine abundance.
  • You want to lean more deeply into your own thoughts and ambitions and desires.
  • You desire a group of women who get it, who want more for themselves and know they can have it. 
  • You know how important it is to be in the energy of people who desire to elevate themselves, to surround yourself with like-minded women.
  • You want to fly your freak flag and do it your way!
  • You are ripe for transformation.
  • You know it is your time.

Sooooo, lovey, what are you going to do about all of that?

 It’s so delicious to be in a group of women who are making changes for themselves and their desires. Have you ever been in a circle of women like that? If so, you know how uplifting it can be, not competitive, but incredibly inspiring and supportive! And it is even more delicious when you see and feel the changes you are making. Transformation!

That’s what my masterminds are about! All the ones I’ve run over the last several years have brought women together to raise their energy, to raise each other’s vibration about getting things done, and get super excited about their dreams. Plus, take real action steps to achieve those soul goals. We get things done!

You deserve all that you desire and you can make it happen. Are you ready for that? It’s time to quit stopping yourself from taking that next step. 

Join our circle and get the tools, the support, the inspiration, and allow me to guide you toward the change you are wanting. We can do this together. I’ve got you, boo.

Change your state, change your story, and change your life! 

Make that first move and join me in this new women’s circle and Mastermind!

 Illumination :: Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance

Starting April 12th, 2022  

A 3-month women’s circle and mastermind for stepping into 

Your Creativity and your Possibilities 

while tuning in and trusting in your Divine Feminine Wisdom


:: this new virtual women’s circle is a series of coaching, gathering, support, 

tools for your clarity on what is next, how to allow your dreams to unfold, 

and receiving your wealth::

Read more about this and register here…

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams! Shine your light and break down the walls so you can step into those desires and manifest what you are wanting. You will feel so freakin’ awesome!

Hope to see you Tuesday, let’s get this circle started! Join me here…

A love note from a client!

Jody Beckwith Jones writes: 

Paulette is a powerhouse of creative inspiration. Her upbeat and positive approach to business and lifestyle skill-building is inspiring, well structured, and approachable. Paulette works with you to drill down to the root of what you’re really wanting to achieve and helps you to build skills to make your goals become a reality.


AND if you are not sure, let’s talk! Schedule a phone chat with me and let me know your thoughts and concerns, and to see if this is the next right step for you.

Right here, click now to schedule that call with me…I’d love to help with your next steps!

I can’t wait to connect with you, and move you into your Illuminated Life!


Another love note from my last Mastermind client!

Allie Joseph writes:

I have worked with Paulette for many years through one-on-one coaching and the past 2 years being part of her Mastermind Women’s Circle.  Working with her has been amazing as she has helped me remove past stories and then how to move forward and go after my dreams and desires. I have grown so much since working with her not only as a dancer but as an entrepreneur. Paulette has a wealth of knowledge and knows her stuff. She truly wants her clients to succeed and it shows in how she shows up for not only her but her clients as well.  Since working with her I have achieved so many things that I thought would be impossible! She makes things easy and gives you a different perspective on how to look at things differently and know your worth. I highly recommend working with her. She really helps you get your mojo on!