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Starting this Friday over in my private women’s group – Dance with Desire, we will be starting daily fabulous self-care tips and provocative questions. I’m making it a challenge for you to participate in! No lurkers… You, showing up! Taking care of yourself… and making it so fun…and rewriting some of that old shit that has been lingering around…

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Another One of my lifeshorts (poem) for your reading pleasure today, my friend!

Changing my mindset is key to my moving forward with my life. 

It’s a way of releasing all the gunk that has backpacked with me for so many decades,

 or even just days. 

Say hello and goodbye to the baggage of yesteryear, 

the age-worn trunks that once looked so beautiful, 

handed down from my grandmother, but now weigh me down. 

Shifting into a new paradigm of growth with curiosity.

Peering into the ether of unknowing but with the excitement of new realms of being and living full-on.

I feel the release of those weights of now what seems like nonsense to my life. 

Stories from my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and even further back into my teens of youth.

Who wrote those stories? 

Listening hard, grappling with desires, even unknown, 

clinging to past ways of comfort that have long since added to the warm and snuggly, crocheted blankets of security 

but have unraveled from overuse, neglect, and worn this from intensity.

I breathe now, fresh air, not the mildewed version from inside that trunk of memories.

I must

Curiosity grips me, inside and out, for

Rebirth of patterns, ways of being,

I change my words, 

I breath deep,

And rewrite how I want, now, to leap forward.


This is some of the stuff we write in my journaling class on Tuesdays! You can join in that too… get out your pen and journal, some markers, and put your brain on the paper to make sense out of your ramblings, express with deeper curiosity, and enjoy the camaraderie of the other women writers…

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