Happy almost weekend, beautiful soul! Hope your week has been going splendidly,

I ran a fantastic masterclass yesterday about stepping into Your Desires, ( thank you to all who attended). I so love hearing your words, your dreams, your desires, and being able to give you inspirations and tools just lights me up. And when I see you taking action and moving forward, creating your change, well, dang, my heart just splits open for you.

And remember, 

Your Desires Are Sacred!

And you are here to live the lifestyle you desire, to have the life, the abundance, the freedom you want. You get to curate it, meaning you get to create it, organize it, design it, the way you want, with your beautiful feminine energy. 

This new women’s circle I’m hosting is about all of that, to guide you into clarifying what you truly want, what is next for you, to help you reconnect with yourself, your body, your heart and soul! And most importantly, to hold you accountable and help you take action! Support and encouragement all the way. So you can fly that freak flag, and do it your way…

To dance with your desires.

Meaning: to embody them, body, heart, and soul. To live with your values, to move forward with intention, passion, and desire. To live lit up everyday, and ask for what you want. Take action and manifest them. Movement, Momentum, and Magic, to create your everyday magic.  

Do I hear a Hell yeah?

Are you ready? Register now!

One of the greatest parts of being in our circle of creatives is that you get to gather with like-minded souls who are ready to do the work, to dream big, to share and watch and listen, to be inspired and inspire, while you and your fellow creatives are kicking ass. This is such an invaluable tool, learning experience, and supportive network, you may wonder how you got along without a supportive group and coach before…

What do we do together? 

This is a 3 month program, where we meet most weeks, in a private group setting, 9 sessions total, online of course, and where you get to connect with me and each other on Zoom. How cool is that?

We have weekly coaching sessions with time for your independent practice, for you to really get into your desires and make those changes. I support and direct you, give you tools and possibilities, and can sometimes give you a swift kick in the booty! With love… 



  • Plus, if you haven’t gotten it already, I will send you a free pdf copy of my latest book : From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art! 
  • Yes, to moving that body… a bonus of an 20 + minute workout video class with me!
  • Plus, extra bonus, You get a one-on-one coaching 50-minute session with me during our group sessions!


If you have questions, concerns about joining, schedule time with me for a 30-minute free phone consult… let’s talk.


We start together on January 18, 2022, 

We meet on Tuesdays, 1:00 (PST) on Zoom, (all recorded for you too)

Are you ready to join our circle of creative women making change? Register now!

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon!