A profound realization dawned on me

In these later years of my life, now as a wise crone, a profound realization has dawned upon me: I had spent far too long as a people pleaser. While this approach may have served me well in the past, enabling me to maintain harmonious relationships and avoid conflict, it did come at a significant cost to my well-being.

Throughout the earlier years of my multiple businesses, touring and performing, I had consistently prioritized the needs and desires of others above my own, often disregarding my own happiness and fulfillment in the process. Even though I felt strong and committed to my own vision, I sometimes had stifled my true voice, dimming my own light in a misguided attempt to maintain harmony. Conflict and communication can be so hard. This relentless self-denial had taken an immeasurable toll on me, leaving me feeling exhausted, resentful, and disconnected from my authentic self. And my new desires.

At one point, I had reached a pivotal point in my journey, where I was no longer willing to compromise my own well-being for the sake of others. I was determined to embark on a transformative path, one that embraced my feminine power, prioritized my own happiness, and allowed me to live a life that is true to who I am and what I wanted now, as an older creative woman.

I recognized that this transformation would not be without its challenges. It would require a profound commitment to self-awareness, self-love, and the courage to set boundaries. To say NO. To quit with people pleasing. To quit with the invisible workload. To step into more of me, my purpose, my creativity, my connection with satisfaction and fulfillment.

I was confident that it was the right path for me, and I became filled with a deep sense of purpose and excitement as I embraced this new chapter.

But first, I needed help. I wanted to quit doing these ideas alone. I needed to share and question what I was wanting. I hired coaches, went on retreats, took classes, and finally developed my own system that helped me, which I now share with others as a transformational lifestyle coach! I realized, as so many woman, that I could ask for help, and there were others there to support, and teach me, and help me listen to my own divine guidance system too.

Now I am grateful to have you here, *|FNAME|*, on this journey too, as we can navigate this transformative journey together for you. You don’t have to wait as long as I did, you are ready now to make some changes. 

Together, we can embark on this adventure of your new voice, your own self-discovery and personal growth. Are you committed to yourself, now to step into what you’ve been wanting?

Make some time, today, on your calendar, and book that free strategy call with me, Finding Your New Voice… and let’s create a way for you to move forward today!

The best possibility is that you will love the plan I create for you and see how all of the points I’ve covered can change not just your work but everything in your life and you decide to become a client of mine.

And if that’s the case, we will talk about it for like 2-3 minutes…maybe 5 at the end of our call.

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What I’m Loving This Week!

Check out these links… so fun!

*Let’s Dance! wowza!

*Tom Jones on the Voice...OMGoddess, at 80 he still has it over any one… add Jennifer Hudson in a duet… whoa!

*Vegan cooking shows, one of my favs! 

*And working on my upcoming retreat to Costa Rica!!!

* and a quote by James Clear:

“If you already live a comfortable life, then choosing to make more money but live a worse daily life is a bad trade.

And yet, we talk ourselves into it all the time. We take promotions that pay more, but swallow our free time. We already have a successful business, but we break ourselves trying to make it even more successful.

Too much focus on wealth, not enough focus on lifestyle.”

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