Hi sweet love, *|FNAME|*,

I’ve got my work days dialed in these days… I love the early mornings and the early light… my fav time of day…

  • I get up at 5 am, 
  • run with my dog from 6-7, 
  • meditate and journal, and organize my work day from 7-8, 
  • Today, at 8, I turned on my rhythm and blues, got in the kitchen and started cooking (breakfast, dog stew, and carrot ginger soup for lunch later), singing, and dancing around the kitchen like a lovely lunatic! Not sure if my neighbors can hear me, but if so, they must get a kick out of my wailing along with the Al Green, the Commodores and the Four Tops! ( here’s  link to get your soul on…)

Opening up with my voice is so healing, cathartic, and fun. I do love to sing and dance, pulling out the dance moves combining my tribal bellydance, with line dancing, disco dancing, and woo woo… while I shuffle around the kitchen, with whatever feels good at the moment. 

This puts me in the best state, the best mood, with clarity and excitement for the day and the week ahead. I get to plan out my work projects ( so much goodness to come), meetings, interviews, and focus time,  and also my fun time, down time, family time, and self-care time. 

Thinking a lot today about mindfulness and being present in my days, in my body, and with my loves and my friends. I have to give myself lots of time to think, plan, organize, but also daydream and rest, so that I can be fully present, living on purpose,  (I really quit multi-tasking a long time ago) and like I always say to my clients and dancers, moving forward with beautiful intention, from my heart. If you can lift up your ribcage, straighten up your spine, shoulders back, heart open, now walk forward like that, with clear vision and integrity!

I’m not always this disciplined, you know. I have days too, when I run around in circles, and beat myself up. But I have to stop and ask, what do I really want, and how do I want to feel? And then I make the decision to back off, hibernate, take a nap, change my state, whatever is coming up. Because if I listen in deep, I’ll hear what I am to do in the moment, it’s like a download from spirit… that is trusting my feminine intuition, my own guidance system. I don’t want to force anything, no masculine energy here, I want to flow with ease into all that I do, and bring to myself. So I can show up as my best self. 

But only I get to decide, how do I want to move forward? How do I want to show up for myself, first, and my clients and also my family. My choice… 

That’s one reason I wrote my latest book, From Soulless Job To Creative Abundance, to share the wealth of experience and knowledge and tools, because we all deserve to life fully and on purpose, with mindfulness, clarity, and freedom. I have had the years of experiences, the life lessons, the studies, as I have grown, aged, and turned into the modern elder, the wise crone, the raging sage, the magic maker! ( And all those names I talked about last week, here if you missed that post!)

How about you? How are you starting your day? Setting yourself up for success? Moving forward?

If you feel that you are needing, wanting, some guidance, to move from uncertainty into your creative zone of genius, and make those changes that have been on your bucket list, or your dream list, or to follow through with that longing in your heart and body… then I invite you to get into my online course, From Chaos to Creativity!

If you feel like it’s time for a mid-life rewrite, then this online course, From Chaos to Creativity is for you! Because that is what this 5 week course is all about for you, to help you clarify, dive deep, make new habits, take freakin’ good care of yourself and your dreams, and participate in your desires!

How would it feel to fill yourself up with all your soulful dreams? And take action to make those changes that you feel deep inside?

This is all about YOU, because you are ready to make some changes and want some tools and inspiration to move forward with focused intention, with clarity, taking daily time for some self-love and inner connection, and  get some real actionable steps that will help you rock your own world!

And the beauty is that this is done all on your own time, at home, and you also get a free copy pdf of that book to be the companion to this course!

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So listen deep, sister, and allow your passions to unfold for you, allow yourself the time to take good care of yourself, get the tools you desire to help guide you, and ask for assistance. Whatever you are needing to get into more of the lifestyle you are desiring, the abundance and creative juices that are within you.

And now I’m off to do another fabulous interview for Heart and Hustle, my bi-weekly video podcast series, talking with inspiring creative women and entrepreneurs! Juicy chats that I get to share with you… so I want to put on some lipstick and some color and prepare, and I’m still singing some Smoky Robinson!

So much love to you, my friend, thanks for being here,

Now go get my course for your badass self and take some beautiful and intentional action toward your most fabulous dreams and desires and abundance…



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