Movement, Envisioning, and Journaling

Kind of the same thing as Movement, Momentum, and Magic– my philosophies about life, the methods I coach my clients with, the work I do with my own life, dreams, desires, and career…

Because, it is now time, for you, my sweet, to step into those dreams for the coming year, the new you, the fresh ideas, or even those ideas that have been lingering in the back of your mind for too long. 

As creative women, mothers, daughters, lovers, artists, homemakers, movers, healers, shakers, strong women, wise sages, ..

We want to move forward with excitement, fury, peace, magic, and also with strategy, clarity, feminine grace, and intuitive wisdom, right? 

We want to dance with our desires, to embody our dreams and passions, to feel them in our bones and blood and heart and soul, allow the sacred rebel to unfold, unveil, and show up!

To live lit up with ourselves, every day


To shine our light and share our gifts, and our love

To live with purpose and creativity and curiosity…

Thoughts become words become things!


So join me for this one-time event, workshop, masterclass,  our Women’s sacred circle

Dancing with your Desires


I have 2 times online to choose from for all of our global sisters

And 1 time in person if you are here in the desert!


Register here now:

It’s time to feel it, see it, believe it, and call those dreams into us, our lives, to manifest what is next!

In our sacred circle, we do just that!. It’s time to envision what you are wanting, and make a MAP, a Magic Action Plan, to make it happen. We get it out of our head, into our bodies, on the page, and into the vortex of living!

Clarify, Ask, Allow, and Recieve… my friend… so you become a magnet for what you want. We hear you, the universe hears you, but most importantly, YOU hear YOU!

Let’s do this together in circle, enjoy and share and clarify and illuminate all that you are and all that you desire!


Join me, in person in Palm Desert

Tuesday, December 27th, 5:45 pm- 7:15 pm

At Lavender Soul Studio

74-277 Highway 111

Please pre-register, space is very limited to 10 women in the studio…



Virtually on Zoom…

Wednesday, December 28th, 3:00-4:30 PM PST


Thursday, December 29th, 9:00-10:30 am PST

and once you register you will get sent your private zoom link if you are joining us virtually…


Just saying, these last 3 years have taught us all so much, and being able to connect virtually has been an enormous blessing! I love teaching virtually, because I have so many of you from around the globe, stepping up, doing your thing, studying, getting coached, teaching, growing and expanding, 


I’m excited to be teaching new, in person classes, again,  out of a studio near me, in Palm Desert starting next week! Woo hoo…

So this event is for all of you, local on global! Let’s connect, set our intentions, and make them happen…

Dancing with Your Desires, a women’s gathering and Masterclass, using Movement, envisioning, journaling and learning to make  MAP- a Magic Action Plan for the new year!

Register here!

have a blessed week, a sacred solstice, happy holidays, no matter how your celebrate, and I’ll see you next week! Say YES to you, your desires and make your magic!