I believe in the power of nature to heal, to inspire, and to connect us to something greater than ourselves. I believe that when we spend time in nature, we are reminded of our place in the world and our responsibility to care for it.

I have always been drawn to nature. As a child, I would spend hours exploring the woods behind my house, following alongside the creek, hanging out by myself. As I got older, I continued to be drawn to nature. I started camping and hiking, started going to Native American pow wows to learn more about earth spirituality. I wanted to listen to the land, and to the animals. I read books like “Black Elk Speaks” and “Seven Arrows” and other books by Sun Bear, finding answers and truths to my personal questions. And knowing I was on the right path. Plus I found a great connection with water- water has been a powerful and healing aspect in my life, being on the water, in the water. Right now I am vacationing in a small cottage on a lake and it is great for reflection and reviewing my work and desires, peaceful and beautiful. And now that I live in the desert, I feel the power of the earth in a different way, and the history too.

In the 80’s in San Francisco, I also dove into different types of spirituality, going to lectures and rituals, pagan ceremonies, adding in yoga studies, studying and then reading tarot cards for deeper understanding and connection to my guides and higher self, to Source/spirit, god/whatever works for you. I studied Shamanism, goddess mythology, dream work, witchcraft, art, and animal wisdom, all different philosophies, to learn the ways of others. To find what I connected to, what my beliefs and values were, and how they are now too.

Back then, besides creating art with my photography and playing music in bands, I was also working as a massage therapist, when I studied and I started using crystal healing, energy work, and my own intuitive guidance and empathic and psychic abilities to help others heal, through bodywork, coaching, and movement. Always going back to the earth wisdom. That is one of the reasons that my Global Caravan tribal bellydance style, and the growing global tribes, and business has developed so strongly too, I believe is my connection with the earth, revering the elders, ancient wisdom, honoring the animals, and listening to my divine feminine GPS!

My love of nature is not just a hobby or a pastime. It is a core part of who I am. Nature is my religion because it provides me with a sense of peace and belonging. It reminds me that I am not alone in this world and that there is something bigger than myself. And I am an important part of the wheel, wanting to do my part to help heal, educate, preserve, and honor that which we walk on. Nothing to take for granted, my friend.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the healing power of nature. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or disconnected, I encourage you to spend some time in nature. Go for a walk in the park, hike in the woods, or simply sit in your backyard and listen to the birds sing. I promise you will feel better.

Nature is my religion, and I am grateful for the many ways it has enriched my life, and continues to do so, even now at a deeper level. It helps me bring magic into my everyday life, and that also helps to make me a great transformational coach and leader. It helps me serve my clients and students from a perspective of knowledge, education, curiosity, and connection.  I am able to bring in the woo with the practical in my coaching practice, because as humans, that deeper connection with self, with our desires, and to live with joy, and then to be able to give back.  is what we are here to do. I hope that you will find your own connection to nature and experience the joy and peace that it has to offer.

Thank you for reading!

Here are some additional details about the healing power of nature:

  • Nature can help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Nature can improve mood and well-being.
  • Nature can help to boost the immune system.
  • Nature can improve sleep quality.
  • Nature can help to promote physical activity.
  • Nature can help to connect people with others.
  • Nature can help to foster a sense of community.
  • Nature can help to promote environmental stewardship.
  • Nature can help you connect with the other living creatures we share our planet with. 

So dear one, what will you do today, and every day, to honor yourself, or to step into your connection with nature, with the earth, with the animals? To spend some time, outside, listening in, walking, sitting, creating ritual and ceremony, and live into your own everyday magic as well, this is what I desire for you.


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